Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift

Year Zero
Published: May 2012
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What do scientists, mystics, and ancient record keepers have to say about these times of enormous ‘shifts’ and changes, and can we co-create a new earth through the power of our multidimensional presence?

I explore these themes in my book, ‘Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift’, available now in bookstores everywhere (ISBN # 978-I-61125-007-7).


“Finally… a well researched book that brings us all the scientific facts about what might be happening to our planet, and the conclusion of incredible hope and promise for the Human race.” — Lee Carroll – Author of the ‘Kryon’ series.

From a lifetime’s courageous spiritual quest, Kiara Windrider offers us a wonderfully wise and enormously inspiring guide to the extraordinary times we are living through. With great lucidity and profound compassion he compellingly weaves together the big multidimensional picture of the unique opportunity we now have to undergo an unprecedented shift of our collective consciousness, offering ourselves and Mother Earth the hope and potential of a truly golden era for 2012 and beyond – Dr Jude Currivan – Author of ‘Hope’.

I read this book twice because it was so provocative and compelling. Kiara Windrider has done something almost no other author has before. He has built an architecture – at the same time both scientific and spiritual – that, better than almost any other book I have read, explains what is going on in our world, solar system, and galaxy today . . . and where this all is going and what its implications for humanity are likely to be. Year Zero is an unusually authoritative, integrated picture of the future!”— John L. Petersen, Author of ‘A Vision for 2012: Planning for Extraordinary Change’

A quick summary follows:

We’re all going through such intense changes these days, both within ourselves and out in the world around us. What does it all mean, and where can we find our hope and our strength in the midst of all these sometimes painful and difficult challenges? Our beautiful earth seems like it’s dying so quickly, our systems and structures are falling apart, and everyone I know is going through profound physical as well as emotional collapse. Is it all just one big chaotic mess, or is there perhaps a larger evolutionary process that is guiding this journey? Are we heading towards a planetary doomsday as so many seem to be telling us? Or are we entering the birth tunnel of a new earth more beautiful than we can ever imagine?

My own journey has taken me through a study of ancient wisdom as well as various disciplines in contemporary science. My tools have been academic research as well as shamanic insight. I have experienced profound levels of despair as well as amazing revelations of hope. And slowly, through it all, tiny pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle have been coming together which fill me with a profound hope for humanity and the earth, and this is what I would like to share with you.

History moves in grand cycles, and some of these seem to synchronize with an evolutionary pulse that moves out periodically from the center of our galaxy. Astrophysicist Paul Laviolette refers to these pulses as ‘galactic superwaves’. These galactic waves have a physical component, composed of cosmic and gamma ray particles, which periodically move through our solar system creating enormous fluctuations within the sun and within the electromagnetic fields of the earth and other planets. But, as emanations of a vast galactic intelligence, they also have a profound spiritual component, which we can access through our higher dimensional selves.

Many spiritual explorers have spoken about higher-vibrational fields of consciousness flooding through the physical and subtle bodies of the earth, initiating a new cycle of creative evolution. Sri Aurobindo refers to this as the ‘supramental descent’. All forms of life are evolving rapidly in response to these cosmic waves of light, including Earth herself. The human species is mirroring this transformation in a journey that will take us beyond all known limits of physical form and consciousness.

As with a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, there comes a stage where all known structures and identities collapse.  It is a necessary stage. In our current stage of evolution, we have become trapped within a matrix of subconscious conditioning and fear that has created a collective illusion of duality and separation. This matrix is now beginning to disintegrate.

There are indications that we could be very close to a geomagnetic reversal, a cyclical phenomenon in which the north and south magnetic poles get switched around. The actual timing of this reversal is generally very quick and sudden, and could happen within a period of a few hours or days. What makes this significant for us is that during this time of reversal, we become temporarily disconnected from the subconscious matrix of duality and separation, and become open to the possibility of achieving a soul merge, in which our physical bodies and light bodies merge into oneness, leading to an evolutionary stage which has been referred to as homo spiritus, or the divine human.

 The Mayan prophecies refer to ‘three days of darkness’, the birth tunnel for the new world. The geomagnetic reversal is the physical mechanism for this birthing process. However, this is not a passive event; our collective intentions determine what we give birth to.  What are our highest dreams for humanity and the earth? What kind of world would we like to co-create? At a time when so much of our media is swimming with doomsday scenarios and fear, it is imperative to recognize that we are creator beings, who have been given the freedom to exercise our amazing creative powers, merged with an infinite sea of possibilities.

 Lets surf this wave together, and co-create the highest dreams of our awakened hearts!

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