Kiara Windrider is prolific author and has many books published.

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Ilahinoor: Awakening the Divine Human
Published: May 2012
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REVIEW By Karen Speerstra

EE-LAH’-HEE-NOOR. Chanting that word, three times aloud is a powerful way to open the channel for Divine Light (which is what this Turkish word means). Kiara Windrider, author of Year Zero, uses this word to express the cosmic divine energy available to each of us, and shares with us his and others’ encounters with this healing energy.

Anyone on a journey of awareness, will appreciate Windrider’s clear directions and examples as well as an overview of his assessment of planetary cycles and changes more fully explored in Year Zero.

Pieces of our cosmic jigsaw are coming together now and people who have learned more about our energy frequencies will be able to see the larger picture more clearly and deal with it more easily. Windrider says Ilahinoor is a cosmic energy like other healing systems people are becoming familiar such as: Reiki, Amanae, Deeksha, Matrix Energetics, Pranic Healing, Quantum Touch, Theta Healing, Reconnection.

It’s another way to tap into our morphogentetic field that’s powerful, immediate, and easy to learn and practice. It’s as gentle and natural as breathing. It’s like being cradled in the arms of your mother. Thank you, Kiara.

See his other books: Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift and Journey Into Forever.

Amazon Reviews for The Year Zero

“Much has been written about 2012 and beyond. Year Zero by Kiara Windrider is an extremely well-researched document, cross-referenced and validated by scientists (astrophysicists, etc.) that highlights the areas where ancient prophesies, science and mystics concur. It is written with love, humility, authenticity and clarity of a man who has evidently seen the other side, and who makes no claims about precise dates and deadlines. And, Kiara explains the true meaning of enlightenment. We all need to read this book as soon as possible.”

“I have known Kiara since his many years in Mount Shasta, and have always found him to be a catalyst for growth- someone who inspires others to go beyond the normal reality.

Now, in “Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift,” he brings the reader to confront that “gateway between worlds,” the point at which humanity now finds itself–preparing for something “beyond our imagining.” Will we hold back out of fear, or will we grasp the scepter of our own mastery, the full acceptance our our own God Self, the I AM Presence, and throw off whatever has held us back, and regain our Divine heritage?”

“This book ignited in me a mighty spark of hope that lead to a great leap on my spiritual journey. It was THE invitation I was waiting for to co-create a new earth and it introduced me to the evolutionary and transforming grace of Ilahinoor. Keep writing Kiara!”

Published November 2011 and available at Amazon is Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift
Published 2008 is  Journey Into Forever