Here are some links that we think you may find useful as you progress on your journey of spiritual awakening. If you would like to contribute a link to this list, please submit the website and a brief review in the Contact us page.


  • Bill Herbst, astrologer: – Astrology of these times

Earth Shifts, Changes, Hollow Earth and Planetary Topics

Global Unity and Community

  • Global Family: – Education and support for personal and planetary transformation
  • IGG: – Institute for Global Communications, connecting people who are changing the world

Mayan Practices and Calendar, Year Zero

Newsletters, Books, Articles, and Live Broadcasts

Spiritual Awakening


  • Operation Terra: – A new revelation on Earth changes, ETs, the end times, and the journey to the New Earth
  • The Zeitgeist Movement: – Peter Joseph’s website advocating a resource based economySphinx Stargate: – Paul LaViolette’s website
  • Abundant Hope: – Urantia material
  • Halexandria: – Collection of articles on ancient Egypt

Workshops and Festivals (also see the Ilahinoor Trainers and our Workshops pages)

  • Workshops: Luminous self: – Courses and workshops and  inspiration from Barry Martin and Karen Anderson

Yoga Practices & Schools