Practice Guidelines

As we enter deeper into the vibrations of the Golden Age, we are beginning to shift out from self-imposed limitations into our divine mastery. There are no rules or limits to how far we can go with this. If any of you feel called on to experiment with Ilahinoor as a system for healing and awakening, or to combine it with a healing system you already use, then please do so.

Ilahinoor represents a morphogenetic field rather than a set of techniques. However, for first time practitioners, I am offering some suggestions below. These are guidelines rather than rules, and continually evolving. In each case, please look to your higher self for more specific guidance. I would like to emphasize again that the Ilahinoor initiations come directly from the morphogenetic fields of light, and not from any human source.

Ilahinoor is a gift from the gods, and I would not like to see any hierarchical organizations being created around this cosmic energy, nor for it to be misused for unreasonable financial gain.

 One on one – Basic treatment

  1. Invoke your higher self and your spiritual guides as you attune to the morphogenetic field of Ilahinoor.
  2. Make a soul link by connecting with each other through the eyes.
  3. Create the Ilahinoor Bridge by holding one hand over the points in the back of the head, and the other hand over the forehead and crown.
  4. Slowly disengage from the physical body, moving your hands outwards through the subtle energy fields.
  5. Working above or on the crown chakra with your hands in blessing position, adjusting the descending flow of light as needed.
  6. End with the ‘pinkie’, or little finger, extended out to touch the third eye, while the other hand points straight down towards the Earth.

One on one – Extended treatment:





After completing the Ilahinoor Bridge, work your way diagonally through the body as follows:

1. Back of neck and left elbow

2. Left elbow and right wrist

3. Back of neck and right elbow





4. Right elbow and left wrist

5. Both wrists together

6. Right shoulder and left hip





7. Left hip and right knee

8. Right knee and left ankle

9. Left ankle and right wrist.





10. Left shoulder and right hip

11. Right hip and left knee

12. Left knee and right ankle





13. Right ankle and left wrist

14. Hold both feet together to ground the energy

Then continue on with the crown adjustment and the ‘pinkie activation’.

Group Treatment

This is one of my favourite ways of working with Ilahinoor. One person lies down on a massage table or on a comfortable floor, with others gathered around holding diagonal positions over the joints. It helps to have one person at the head, and another grounding the feet. Include the chakras if you wish, and any specific problem areas. After a few minutes, slowly lift hands away from the physical body, and rotate positions within the circle. If it is too awkward to stretch diagonally across the receiver’s body, experiment with linking shoulder to hip, elbow to knee, and wrist to ankle simultaneously on both sides of the body.

Self treatment

1. Connect with your higher self and guides as you attune to the morphogenetic field of Divine Light. Feel this light descending through the crown as a gentle golden rain.

2. Make the Ilahinoor bridge on yourself, touching the Ilahinoor points on the back of the head with one hand while placing your other hand on the forehead and crown area. After the first few times, it may be easier to simply place your entire hand on the back of the head. Once you are familiar with the energy you may find that you do not need the hand positions anymore.

3. Hold the diagonal positions on yourself if you wish.

4. Lie down comfortably, perhaps with relaxing music, and give yourself time to integrate this energy. Breathe deeply and rhythmically.

5. A good time to practice Ilahinoor on yourself is immediately upon awakening, while you are still halfway in the dream worlds of the subconscious mind. You may find that it is a stronger experience if you maintain the same body position as when you first wake up. You can also use Ilahinoor to program your dream state while falling asleep.

Long distance treatment

Once you are familiar with the Ilahinoor field, you can simply visualize a person or focus on their picture to send them a transmission of this Divine Light. Use your hands in a blessing position if that feels right. If the person is receiving a long-distance session at a pre-determined time, they can continue relaxing for a while once the transmission is over in order to integrate the energy further.

Ilahinoor can also be effectively transmitted over the phone. Many of us around the world have been experimenting with energizing the Ilahinoor field on Saturday mornings at whatever time we are awake and ready to transmit.

We invite people to join us in this if they wish, and also to receive an Ilahinoor initiation if they need to, whether for physical healing, emotional well-being, spiritual awakening, or for assistance in manifesting material needs in accordance with divine plan. (Excerpted from my book, ‘Journey into Forever’)

This continues to be my attitude towards Ilahinoor. This cosmic energy is energy of divine grace. It is part of the Supramental Light that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother spoke about, energy of immense power and intelligence that is limited only by our own self-imposed limitations of heart and mind. As long as we respect this energy as an aspect of universal grace outpouring itself for the benefit of all, it can continue to grow and amplify within us and through us.