What is Ilahinoor?

Answer: Ilahinoor, or “divine light”, is a powerful new healing system that has been developing over the past few years.

Drawing on a morphogenetic field developed through various initiatory practices from old Egypt, from the Sufi tradition, as well as from energetic transmissions received from the cetacean consciousness, it allows for the integration of the subconscious mind with the wisdom of the super-conscious. It thereby allows the conscious self to express a deeper quality of divine possibilities in daily life.

The basic technique is learning to form a bridge between the limbic system, an area of the brain that is associated with the subconscious mind, and the areas of the brain that link with the higher self.

Once this happens, the full creative capacity of the higher self can flow through our lives for the purpose of healing, embodying our divine purpose, and manifesting new realities.

What is the Big Picture?

Answer: In my understanding of it, we are getting ready for a quantum shift.

From a scientific perspective, we are preparing for an immensely huge download of energy from the galactic center, what astrophysicist Paul LaViolette refers to as a ‘galactic superwave’.

The base harmonic frequency of all matter in our solar system will undergo a shift as we encounter this wave, which will result in a series of interactions leading to a collective shift of consciousness.

This is a complex subject, and I am currently in the process of writing my next book about this, but for now I will simply say that the transition is likely to be somewhat chaotic. If we can understand what is happening, the reasons why these things are happening, and the timing of it all, we will be able to accept these changes more easily without going into fear, which ultimately will make the process smoother and easier for everybody.

Can Ilahinoor be used as a technique for enlightenment?

Answer: Look to the Divine Source behind all techniques.

I have a sense that there are many waves of awakening sweeping through collective human consciousness as we journey towards the manifestation of the Golden Age. Each wave is birthed from the same Source, allows us to integrate what has come before, and takes us a little bit further.

Each wave comes from the same Cosmic Source, assisting in the process of genetic activation and preparing us to ride the galactic waves of energy as we enter the Golden Age.

We are entering a phase of history where these cosmic energies are being made available to everyone. It is simply part of our evolution from Sri Aurobindo’s ‘human human’ into his ‘divine human’. It is all being divinely guided from within our own higher selves. It is like we are collectively transforming from a caterpillar stage into the cocoon, and then into the butterfly. There is nothing we can do ultimately to halt the process, nor to really force it along, only to recognize, trust and surrender to the divine force within as it moves us forward.

Many people all over the world are having spontaneous experiences of awakening, simply by following the path they are following, whatever it may be. We can call this Divine Grace if we like, or we can refer to this as Cosmic Evolution.

From the perspective of spirit, we are descending into matter. From the perspective of matter, we are ascending into spirit. It is a simultaneous process, and is simply a question of whether we identify more consciously with the personality or with the soul.

Although none of them are necessary, techniques such as Ilahinoor, Reiki, Gaianoor, Matrix Energetics, Quantum Touch, Reconnection, and so many more that are emerging all over the world through so many traditions, can help in this process. We can use any of them, or all of them, as long as we realize it is not the techniques themselves, but the Divine Source behind the techniques, that is important. Perhaps equally important is an understanding of the Big Picture of what is happening in the world today, and why, in order that our minds can let go of our natural resistance and fear of change.