GAIA Network

GAIA Network – Global Awakening In Action

Membership Proposal

                  A galactic tide is coming in, triggering a collective awakening within the planetary web of life. Many have come to earth to serve as midwives to this birthing process, each with a unique gift to share within this larger fabric of change.

Although many around the world have felt the first ripples of this rising tide, we don’t quite understand what this birth is really about. Many in recent years have became fixated with particular dates expecting some sort of magical shift based on ancient cycles of wisdom, but without a solid understanding of what kind of mechanism could cause such a massive event.

The mechanisms behind this kind of event are slowly being uncovered now, an understanding that comes from the forefront of an emerging new science as well as from the insights and perspectives of deep mystical research.

The GAIA Network is a collective of astrophysics, mystics, geologists, inventors, futurists, historians, networkers, educators, researchers, political, social and spiritual leaders, anyone with a planetary mission to collaborate, research and share this emerging body of knowledge. It is also about creating leadership strategies for the foundation of the new earth. Some of the areas of interest:

  • Relationship between galactic cycles and solar events
  • Relationship between solar cycles and planetary events, including climate change, space weather, volcanic activity and magnetic field fluctuations
  • Relationship between magnetic fields and human consciousness, specifically through DMT production within the pineal
  • Relationship between magnetic reversals and evolutionary leaps, biologically and spiritually
  • Mechanism for collective awakening and emergence of a new humanity, homo luminous
  • Periodicity and timing of magnetic reversals
  • Possible timing for imminent magnetic reversal/collective shift
  • Relationship between inter-linked bodies of existence, between our galactic self and human self
  • Recognition that humans serve a function as the nervous system of Gaia, the biological and spiritual consciousness of the Earth
  • Taking our role as empowered co-creators with Gaia in consciously and proactively working towards the New Earth
  • Transitional technologies, power sources, transportation systems, economic, educational and political structures that prepare us for the new earth
  • Leadership strategies before, during and after the shift

Membership in GAIA is by invitation, but it is each person’s heart that ultimately chooses. It is a co-creative network. We will start with a collaborative website for informational purposes, with occasional international conferences and other gatherings.

Please respond if you may be interested, including a few words about your own particular focus of interest, and how you may wish to be involved.

Kiara Windrider