Excerpts from Year Zero

By Kiara Windrider

For long eons we have struggled with ourselves and the world, creating veils to foster our separateness, creating belief systems to hide our ignorance, creating enemies to disguise our inner conflicts, chasing from one experience to another to cover up our inner emptiness, unaware that the same masks that hide our deepest pain also hide our greatest potential.
It seems clear to me that if something does not radically change on our planet soon, we are doomed to go the way of the dinosaurs. Whether we go out with a big bang in some sort of cataclysmic event, or go out with a whimper slowly suffocating in our own wastes, may not then make much of a difference.
Could there be some changes coming? What would these look like? Is it possible to let go of our illusions without really understanding our potential? Man is a transitional species, said the great mystic and revolutionary, Sri Aurobindo, and our highest destiny is still to come.
If we ignore references to any specific dates, the Mayan calendar charts the transition from a reality based on linear time to a reality based on multidimensional consciousness. Biologists wonder about the possibilities for accessing the unused 97% of our DNA codes. Many scientists are referring to vast amounts of cosmic ray and gamma ray frequencies entering our solar system, capable of transforming the heart of matter itself.
Is it possible that a vast evolutionary program is unfolding in the midst of human history? Just as the butterfly emerges naturally from a slumbering caterpillar in the course of time, is it possible that we could be likewise emerging into a new biological species, with capacities and capabilities far beyond what we can even begin to imagine today?
Evolution seems to unfold gradually over a long period of time, followed by sharp and sudden changes in genetic patterns. The journey into what many are referring to as the golden age or aquarian age may not be as long or difficult as we may imagine. We have been preparing for long eons for such a change. Is it possible that we may see this happen within the next generation or two?
Astrophysicist Paul LaViolette speaks of a galactic superwave periodically emanating from the center of our galaxy and moving rapidly through regions of space. This superwave brings with it a new range of cosmic frequencies capable of generating huge shifts in consciousness, shifts in the consciousness of matter itself.
Is this what mystics and indigenous people in every age and culture have been looking toward? I have come to believe that what we have referred to as enlightenment in various spiritual traditions is an act of biological transformation within the consciousness of matter. It is not a spiritual event so much as a biological event. It often happens spontaneously for people who have no spiritual background and who are not even looking for it. If this is so, then is it possible that as we go through changes in the consciousness of matter on a collective level, that a wave of enlightenment would follow?
Sri Aurobindo and his spiritual partner, known simply as the Mother, believed that this would be the case. A hundred years ago, they spoke of the supramental transformation that would be occurring on Earth, and emphasized the necessity of experiencing this first in our own bodies. They spoke of waves of cosmic light that would move through human consciousness, preparing us for this great shift.
These waves are coming in now. Many systems are emerging all over the world with the intention of harnessing these waves and using them for inner transformation. My sense is that we are close to a critical mass, at which point the 97% of our DNA that has been lying dormant will get turned on, hundredth monkey style. We can then harness the incoming cosmic energies and anchor them in the physical body, leading to what some might refer to as ascension, merging our physical bodies with our light bodies.
There is so much latent in the genetic structure of our physical bodies. I would imagine that a caterpillar has no idea that it will go into a cocoon one day and emerge as a butterfly. We imagine that the limitations that we experience within space and time, limitations of disease, aging, and death, are real. And as we believe, within the confines of the linear mind, so it is.
Yet as we connect increasingly to our multi-dimensional consciousness, we are fast entering into a period of history when divine and human are no longer separate, where the body becomes a clear vehicle for spirit, where we can create heaven right here on earth.
Perhaps this is what the vision of the Mayan calendar, with all its emphasis on galactic cycles, is really about. Perhaps it is what Sri Aurobindo and the Mother dreamed of when they saw waves of supramental light pouring through human consciousness. It is the vision that is imprinted within the biological codes of our own cells, the vision that has been driving us through all these long eons to fulfill our destiny as a new species! It is why we are born, it is what drives us to remember. It is the dream we have dreamed as divine creators, gently awakening now from our ancient slumber.

Where God and nature and mankind meet
There I journey with tired feet
To create a world as best I can
Where man lives with nature and God lives with man. . . .

— first part of a childhood poem, age 8 or 9

Chapter 1. Waking up to a New Century

I will never forget the dawning of this century. It wasn’t because of the failed Y2K and doomsday scenarios, which happily, are better forgotten. Neither was it simply the amazing fireworks displays synchronized around the world on televisions that weren’t supposed to work. It was because of an event that took place that night which showed me beyond doubt that we live in a multidimensional universe.
At the time, I had been living in Mt. Shasta, California, a magical mountain world where the veils between the realms are thin. It was early on New Year’s Eve. I was on my way to pick up my friend Elisabeth from the nearest airport in Redding – an hour’s journey down a gently winding mountain road.
There was a major storm happening. What started off as snow gradually turned into slushy rain as I made my way down the mountain. Visibility was poor. I was tense, not only because of the weather, and not only because I was late, but also because I couldn’t help but wonder, in some nagging part of my mind, whether the “Y2K bug” would somehow scramble the foundations of our existing civilization. What might that mean for all of us?
I had filled up the gas tank, and had some warm blankets in the back, just in case. . . .
I was not very focused, and going a little too fast, when I came to a sharp turn around a bridge. The car hydroplaned and I lost control of the steering. I saw myself sliding fast, heading directly towards the edge of the bridge. And then I felt and heard the inevitable explosion of glass shattering and metal rending as I smashed violently against the railing.
Although everything was happening much too quickly, some part of my consciousness was experiencing all of it very intently in slow motion. I felt detached from my body, like I was watching it all happen rather than participating directly. Interestingly, in this state of heightened awareness, there was absolutely no fear, just a curiosity and a knowing that whatever happened, everything was okay.
I can barely explain what happened next. I had seen, heard, and felt myself slam against the edge in that cataclysmic moment of impact. Simultaneously, in that very same moment, I observed with the same curiosity and detachment that the car had come to a stop in a little cul-de-sac on the side of the road, safe from oncoming traffic.
I climbed out to examine the car and there was not a single scratch anywhere. I climbed back in and remained sitting for a long time, shocked, relieved, and stupefied all at once. My body finally started to shake as my mind returned.
What had happened?
Somehow, I realized, I had traveled between worlds, and somewhere I seemed to have made a choice. Inexplicable as it may seem, both events were equally real, and some part of me that was outside and beyond the normal passage of linear time had made a decision to remain on Earth during this time.
Later, as I started drifting back into my “normal” state of consciousness, the “other” experience began to take on a dreamlike quality. I found that once I was back in my thinking mind, the cognitive dissonance was too great, and I was forced to choose one reality over the other. From the perspective of the thinking mind, either my body was smashed to pieces in a horrendous car crash or I was safe, alive, and unhurt. The two realities could not co-exist.
Still, for a brief moment I had entered into a mysterious dimension of reality which I could not explain through the laws of classical physics. It was a powerful initiation into the hidden mysteries of time.
This experience seemed a fitting metaphor for our collective journey. We are winding down a path of destiny into a new century. Scientists, mystics, and ancient prophecies alike warn us that we are close to the edge of cataclysmic destruction. We are also told that we are entering the birth canal of a wondrous new creation. What awaits us in these times of simultaneous hope and despair, and how do we choose?

Chapter 2. Message from the Future

Earlier, in August of that same year, a solar eclipse had taken place. Astrologers considered this eclipse particularly significant because it represented a grand cross in fixed signs, signifying entry into a period of global crisis, requiring a deep integration of conflicting or mutually exclusive energies. As we looked towards the new millennium, many of us wondered to what extent humanity as a species would be able to make the enormous evolutionary shifts required of us without experiencing the cataclysmic Earth Changes that had been so widely predicted.
Seeking answers, I went on a vision quest up into the alpine meadows of Mt. Shasta. It was a beautiful time of year, with endless varieties of wild flowers lushly carpeting vast fields of melting snow.
I entered into a period of deep silence. As the days went by, I found myself penetrating beyond the veils imposed by the thinking mind. One morning I woke up feeling a strong presence overshadowing me. It was gentle yet powerful, and felt very, very vast. It urged me to write.
The words rushed out on paper. The Presence identified itself as Windrider, an ‘ascended master and time traveler’ who had ‘folded through dimensions’ from a future point in time to contact me in this moment.
He referred to the fact that we were approaching a great Shift of the Ages, and that there were two streams of probability that stretched out before us as a species.
He spoke first about the nature of time, that it is a function of frequency. Just as there are several notes occupying the same space in a musical chord, so there are several tones that we call dimensions occupying the same universe. Each dimension has its own vibrational frequency, its own density, and its own distinct laws of time.
Therefore, he said, a being from a higher dimension of the universe experiences time very differently and much more comprehensively than we do. Our own consciousness was focalized in a third-dimensional reality where time was experienced as linear – flowing in one direction only from a hazy past into an indeterminate future through a miniscule point of awareness that we call the present.
Higher-dimensional beings occupy the same “space” but with different coordinates of time, or the same “time” but with different coordinates of space. In other words, they hold a multidimensional perspective relative to our own perceptions of space and time in which past, present and future are all rolled up together into a completely different mode of experience which he referred to as now time.
“In the higher frequencies of density,” he continued, “your sense of now-time is greatly expanded, collapsing the partitions between past and future and allowing you a much greater experience of the present, and therefore of presence.
“Shamans, mystics, prophets, and meditators through the ages have learned to collapse these partitions and travel to other dimensions, only to return again to what you call the “real” world. Some, like the Aborigines of Australia, were fluid enough that they knew how to live between the worlds – what they called dreamtime – as their primary reality. In traveling between the worlds, all these early travelers were able to intuit visions of future events as well as access the past through akashic libraries.”
He went on to outline a Great Shift that would take place in our future, a dimensional shift in which our bodies and consciousness would undergo a profound change, enabling us to access multidimensional realities if we so chose. This is what it meant to be an ascended master, and this is the state that many individuals would choose to embody after the Shift.
In fact, he said surprisingly, the reason he was able to contact me at this point of time and space was because there was an affinity between us, and that, loosely speaking, he was a future aspect of myself from a time beyond the Shift. In the collapsing of partitions which was made possible during my vision quest, the distinction between worlds and dimensions was no longer as rigid.
Our language is not designed for sharing experiences outside of linear time. It is not so easy to describe how it felt to connect with this presence who was separate from myself, yet wasn’t; someone who was from the future in linear time, but simultaneously existed in the multidimensional landscape of my own expanded present.
What was this Great Shift? Windrider continued speaking through the pages of my journal.
“You are at the threshold of an awesome collective event. You are witnessing a cosmic birthing, a Zero Point long foretold and long awaited not only by shamans and prophets on Earth but throughout the infinite galaxies. For reasons that will become clear to you, what is taking place on Earth now is creating a ripple effect through all Creation. A whole new cycle of evolution is beginning . . . an in-breath towards the Mind of God.”
Many of the things he said had been said before, and I had read enough books and talked with enough people that most of this information wasn’t new to me. But this time the words were not merely information. They were a transmission that touched me on profoundly cellular levels.
Windrider then launched into the main theme of his message.
“Because of the unique nature of this particular Zero Point, Earth stands at the threshold of a cosmic moment of birth in which Creator and Creation become one. In other words, the veils between the worlds are about to disappear for a moment in time, or rather a moment out of time, long enough for creator consciousness to slip into the hearts and minds of all beings embodied on Earth . . . it is as if all Creation holds its breath with the Creator, and is then forever after infused with the Spirit of God.
“The frequency of oscillation of any lifeform has to do with its connectedness with Spirit. In that moment of Infusion, the frequency of all beings on the planet will be raised in one extraordinary jolt of awakening. And because time and space also have to do with frequency, you will be suddenly catapulted into the fourth dimension as a collective event.”
By fourth dimension he meant a higher vibrational octave where our bodies were no longer so fixed in space and time, where we could begin to connect directly with the frequencies of our soul.
“While the collective transition to fifth dimension will yet take a while, some of you may find yourself going past the fourth into the fifth or even sixth-dimensional frequencies, activating the ascension process.”
The fifth and sixth dimensions involve states of consciousness where bodies of physical matter become increasingly harmonized with what some have referred to as the light body. The ascension process had to do with the unification of the physical body with the light body. Windrider emphasized that many individuals who had prepared themselves for this would be able to achieve this unification during and after this time of Shift, essentially becoming ascended masters and time travelers.

Chapter 3. Two Streams of Possibility

But then came the warning. Although he saw from his perspective that this Shift would inevitably take place at some point in the collective future of present-day humanity, how this would happen was still up to us. The future is not fixed in its details, and multiple probabilities can exist simultaneously. Which probability we choose to experience as our reality is up to us.
“The Great Shift I have talked about is inevitable. It is a certainty in all the probable timelines of your future. What actually happens at this Zero Point, or Cosmic Birth, is still undetermined, however, and depends entirely on the collective consciousness latent in that moment.”
Windrider described two major streams of probability. The best-case scenario would be that, in the moment of, all beings on the planet, and Earth herself, would be translated into a vibrational frequency he referred to as fourth dimension. This would be the starting point for various groupings of souls to go on even further.
The alternate scenario would be a split between the worlds, where those who were prepared to move into fourth dimension and beyond would do so, passing through the corridors of a cosmic birth. Those not prepared for this would stay in the third dimension, subject to the laws and consequences of our current world condition. More likely than not, they would experience some rather cataclysmic events as the Earth underwent a process of balancing out.
The worst-case scenario, in which the entire planet would be destroyed in a great cataclysm, no longer exists, he further reported. This did seem a likely possibility up until a decade or so ago in our time, but our collective intent and efforts on the inner levels have helped to transcend this.
“A great light is being carried on the Earth right now. This is why we believe it is possible to shift out further from the second scenario of partial translation to the best-case scenario of a full translation into the fourth dimension and beyond.”
Christian, Muslim, and Jewish scriptures are replete with references to a day of judgment, where the “righteous” would be rewarded, and the “unrighteous” punished. This was the most hopeful scenario available at the time, and represents, according to Windrider, this second stream of probability. Jesus himself spoke of the rapture, of two men working in the fields, one of whom would be taken, the other left behind.
“There are also metaphors in this age that reflect the first scenario. The story of the hundredth monkey, which is an apt description of biological as well as spiritual evolution, is one example. Always it is true that when there is a sufficient number of beings envisioning and practicing a new paradigm, the law of grace is then invoked, and the rest of the monkeys, or humanity, as the case may be, are brought into entrainment.”
What needs to happen for mass consciousness to shift from the second stream of probability to the first stream of probability outlined above? Windrider emphasized that the second scenario is based on karma, while the first scenario is based on grace. The laws of grace operate on a higher octave than the laws of karma, but for this to be activated we need to understand and fully embrace our personal as well as collective shadows.
“When the master Jesus spoke of forgiving your enemy he spoke not of condoning their actions but of recognizing that each of us contains both shadow and light, and that forgiveness provides us with the opportunity to practice a divine alchemy, unifying shadow and light in the experience of Oneness. He said to love your neighbor as yourself for indeed you are the same.
“The test for awakened humanity is this,” concluded Windrider. “Can you extend the hand of forgiveness and love in this expanded sense to your brothers and sisters in ignorance and darkness – a forgiveness that arises from true knowledge of your own self, a forgiveness that embraces yourself, your partner, your neighbor, your government, the power-mongers, the military-industrial complex, the illuminati, or whatever your own version of the “enemy” happens to be?
“When you do so, this activates the law of grace, ending polarized conflict and thereby opening the door to a full planetary awakening. It assures that in the in-breath of God to come, none get left behind. This is the best-case scenario, and one that I travel into your time to seed as a new possibility.”

Chapter 4: Mystery of Schrödinger’s Cat

The encounter with Windrider was enormously significant for me. Many years ago I read Richard Bach’s book, Running from Safety: An Adventure of the Spirit. The story is based on an encounter with himself in the past. Like all of his books, I was inspired and fascinated, but had never known whether it was fictional or autobiographical.
Now it was becoming clear to me that we are multidimensional beings. Once free of the restrictions of the thinking mind, we have access to aspects of ourselves from both future and past, in the eternal vastness of our infinite creator consciousness. In fact, from this perspective, our experience of time itself is no longer the same.
Moreover, what we consider to be our “selves” is no longer limited to a linear progression of a single soul from lifetime to lifetime, but expands further and further out to embrace the entire web of life through all creation in all timelines.
I decided shortly afterwards to adopt Windrider into my own name, in anticipation of what I was growing towards.
This encounter helped me to better understand my New Year’s Eve experience. In some way, it prepared me to enter a state of consciousness where I can experience two timelines at once. And perhaps it also provides us with some keys as we look ahead to the complex realities emerging among us today.
Quantum physicists are well aware of strange realities that seem to appear once we begin descending the rabbit hole of subatomic physics. There is a well known experiment known as Schrödinger’s Cat.
Light functions as both particles and waves. In experiments when light is beamed towards a screen through a double-slit, it creates a wave-like pattern on the other side. While light as a whole creates a predictable interference pattern, each individual photon, or particle of light, can only pass through one of the two slits.
Which slit will it choose? According to classical physics, there should be exactly a 50% probability of taking one pathway or the other.
Schrödinger used this principle to devise a thought experiment. Suppose we take a completely light-resistant box with two slits carved into it. Then we put a pellet of cyanide inside the box, just behind one of the slits. The pellet is designed so that if it is exposed to a photon of light it will release the cyanide.
Next we put a cat inside the box along with the cyanide, and bombard it with a single photon of light. If it went through the slit with the cyanide pellet behind it, the pellet would release its poison, and the cat would die. If it went through the other slit, the cat would live.
There is exactly a 50% probability that the cat is alive or dead. We don’t know if it is alive or dead until we open the box to see. But what if we don’t look? What if we don’t engage our thinking mind? According to the laws of quantum physics, it is the observing consciousness that makes the choice real, and the cat is in a strange state of suspended animation, neither dead or alive, or both dead and alive, until the observer opens the box to check.
What if the same rules were applied not only to the world of subatomic particles but to the macroscopic world as well? What if multiple realities simultaneously co-exist in our daily experience of life—multiple futures, multiple pasts, and multiple dimensions of the present?
Is this the Dreamtime of the Australian Aborigines, or the world of the Nagual that Carlos Castaneda referred to? Is there a mechanism that we do not understand as yet whereby this dreamtime world can become our conscious experience, and whereby our conscious intentions can shape the dreamtime worlds? Was my experience on the bridge on the eve of the new millennium one example of this? And what of the multitudes of mystical and shamanic experiences people have been having for countless thousands of years?
If it is the thinking mind that freezes multiple probabilities into one observable reality, are there levels of mind beyond the thinking mind that perceive things differently, which can in turn help to determine which one of these multiple probabilities we choose to download into our immediate experience?
In other words, do perceptions create reality? And what does this mean for us in these times of global crisis?

Chapter 5. Cosmic Evolution

Before exploring these questions, let us take a closer look at who we are and where we might be going from a metaphysical perspective. When seen rightly, the metaphysical is not opposed to the physical, and neither is better than the other. They are simply two lenses looking out towards the same reality.
Each step connects with every other step on our journey into forever. In the grand web of cosmic design, each strand is connected with every other, with no beginning and no end. Still, on the linear path of human consciousness, there are steps along the way that can be marked. As we journey together, perchance you will find yourself breaking past the cage of linear reasoning into the place where all timelines meet, where all strands of consciousness weave into a single pulse of luminous light.
Humanity is on the threshold of a grand awakening. There is a cosmic fire inherent within the consciousness of all matter that has been pushing us onward for eons, creating long cycles of evolution, moving through sequences of unity and separation, moving through waves of divine descent and human ascent. Born of the first movement of divine light, we have traveled far on the winds of space and time. We await now the moment of return, when all matter becomes illumined with the consciousness of light, and finds its true destiny in the web of creation.
This experiment is not new. There have always been the keepers of cosmic fire in the ancient traditions, a few who remembered where we came from, and remembered also how we could return back. Their mission was to preserve this sacred knowledge, and when the time was right, to create a pathway home. If you are reading this, you are likely part of the journey too, and it is time now to remember this sacred mission.
Who are we really? This is a good place to begin. Are we bodies of matter, a product of Darwinian evolution emerging from an unnamed ape in some long distant past, evolving into some kind of higher destiny as we journey towards the realm of Spirit? Or are we vehicles of Spirit, playfully creating bodies as we journey into matter, intent on awakening to our infinite being within the field of matter?
Are we spirit or matter? Our religions teach us one thing, our sciences teach us another. It’s a simple question, but what if the question itself was flawed? Our minds are programmed to believe there is a single answer to such a question, that it’s either one or the other, and perhaps this program itself is where our problem begins.
Imagine taking a journey into the moment of our origin. What might we encounter? There are so many versions of how life began, who or what God is, endless variations of why we got separated, and of how we can return. Maybe we will never know which version of this story is true. Maybe it won’t matter even if we do. We may go to a level of mind where these questions themselves begin to dissolve.
Imagine that there are multiple realities of form, all interlinked and co-existing simultaneously. As humans we experience mental and emotional states, biological realities and, occasionally, spiritual realities. We have a single means for experiencing all these realities, and that is through the medium of what we call the mind.
What is this mind? What if there were not one layer of mind, but many, and that it is in these subtle levels of the mind that we experience our identity with God, and as God! We are often taught that our attachment to mind is the cause of all suffering. This may be true. Yet we are only talking about one layer of the mind here, the rational mind, the mind that is caught up in linear time and three-dimensional space. How do we move past this rational mind to experience other subtler layers of reality?
Is it possible that just as there are subtle layers of the body beyond the physical body so there are also subtle layers of mind beyond the rational mind? Is it within these layers of the mind that we can begin to connect with the corresponding layers of the body, ultimately connecting with a quantum level of physical reality that is at once well beyond material reality as we know it?
Is it possible that as we connect with the subtler layers of mind and body we then begin to connect with the divinity latent within our humanity? Is this who we are in potential—divine human beings within whose consciousness the veil between spirit and matter has dissolved into oneness? There are many stories of the ascended masters – human beings who have learned to merge their physical bodies into divine light, and in doing so, transcended limitations of matter, space, and time. Known and unknown, many of these beings still live in earthly dimensions. They invisibly work with the collective morphogenetic field of humanity and await a time when we can all awaken together.
And if this is possible, then how do we achieve it? I feel there is a divine evolutionary impulse actively working behind all the long cycles of human and earth evolution. This evolutionary impulse works not only in stages of gradual unfolding but also in quantum leaps of sudden awakening. This impulse not only acts upon us from forces outside of us in the cosmic field but also from within us. I presume there is an evolutionary timetable encoded within the patterns of our genes which has been gradually unfolding over long eons, a pattern which has been accelerating towards a point wherein a quantum leap of evolutionary consciousness can now happen.

Chapter 6 – Enlightenment Demystified

Many people equate this evolutionary journey of the human species with enlightenment, and I feel it is important at this stage to distinguish between the two. Enlightenment is a state of consciousness in which we are no longer identified with the personal ego. It is a freedom from the restrictions imposed by our conditioned mind. However, the evolutionary journey I am referring to is a collective event, a genetic transformation of the human species. It is a process of planetary evolution initiated by external galactic factors.
Given this distinction, it may be useful here to define enlightenment, and what it means in context of our evolutionary journey. One of the most mystifying of spiritual concepts, it is important to understand clearly what it means, and also what it does not mean.
Enlightenment is not so much about becoming superhuman, turning into light, manifesting spiritual powers, or transcending the murkiness of daily life and emotions. It is not about cosmic bliss, instant clairvoyant abilities, or escaping from human responsibilities. It is not about losing the mind, or even somehow changing the nature of the mind.
There are many layers of the mind relating to many layers of consciousness, as I discuss in detail later in this book. In our current state of development, we are conditioned to perceive reality through just one of these layers, the thinking mind. The thinking mind has an essential role to play in our journey of embodiment, but somehow we have become conditioned to believe that this is all there is.
The thinking mind perceives reality through its ability to compare and analyze information. It clothes itself with a set of subconscious beliefs and emotions, which we all inherit from a collective web of human conditioning. It is based on memory, and creates a sense of self based on a sequence of events in linear time. We refer to this sense of self as the ego. Our ego-based personality sees itself as a fixed identity starting with birth and ending at death.
The thinking mind helps us to think and to survive. It is not designed for the perception of subtler realities that are the domain of the soul. It is only one aspect of who we are as a multidimensional entity. However, due to the vibrational density of our body-mind organism, this is the aspect of our being to which we tend to affix our identities. Enlightenment breaks through the layers of subconscious conditioning that keep us fixed in the thinking mind in order to then reconnect to our multidimensional presence.
As we become aware of attachments and addictions based on the thinking mind, we seek to come out of our suffering. For many spiritual seekers, this involves endless seeking, constant self-analysis, fleeting triumphs, and inevitable failures. This is all part of our human condition. Our incessant needs for comparing, analyzing, justifying, and judging ourselves are all within the natural domain of the thinking mind.
Ironically, even our identity as a spiritual seeker is sourced in the duality of the thinking mind, which is forever attempting to create expectations and judgments based on good and bad, right and wrong, spiritual or unspiritual. We think we are somehow flawed, and engage in a quest to change ourselves. We discover it is impossible to change the nature of our mind, and end up suffocating in guilt and shame.
Our identification with the thinking mind will dissolve the instant our vibrational frequency lifts out from our attachment to third-dimensional realities. This lifting out is part of our evolutionary journey, our divine destiny. But it cannot happen by trying to make it happen. The simple truth is that, however hard we try, enlightenment is not something that can be achieved. All of our trying, all of our efforts, only arise from that aspect of ourselves which is identified with the thinking mind. This is the same thinking mind from which we try so desperately to disengage.
Enlightenment is the recognition that we are not this web of conditioning inhabiting the body-mind organism that we think we are. Enlightenment transcends the duality inherent within the personal ego, leading us to understand that things are simply what they are, without craving for something that seems desirable or pleasant and without resisting what we consider painful or unpleasant.
Enlightenment is accepting the reality of things as they are, simply because our identity is no longer attached to the mechanisms of comparison and judgment inherent within the thinking mind. Freed of the web of conditioning, it is the ability to express ourselves spontaneously in each moment, living from our authentic self rather than from conditioned responses. Freed of the burdens of the past and expectations of the future, it is the ability to engage with life fully in present time. Freed of our identification with the thinking mind, or personal ego, it is the ability to incarnate through these body-mind organisms as spontaneous expressions of divine consciousness, or soul.
The question inevitably comes up, “Okay, all this is fine, but what do I DO to get enlightened?” We must understand that our personal ego is based in doing, and the thinking mind cannot stop the thinking mind. Once we truly understand this, paradoxically, we can then cease our efforts, accept our failure and pain, embrace our inconsistencies and shadows, relax in the truth of what already is, and make peace with the universe. As we do so, we realize that in the very act of letting go we have already found what we have long been looking for.
A couple of years before he died, I attended a satsang with Ramesh Balsekar in Bombay. A close disciple of Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramesh is considered an enlightened master in his own right. I had been recently engaged in researching the possibility of simultaneous multiple realities in an evolutionary context, and without preamble, I asked him to please expound on the nature of consciousness, time, and parallel realities.
I cringed as soon as I finished asking the question, realizing how irrelevant it was in this context. As an Advaita teacher he was about to rip this questioner to shreds. “Why is that question so important to Kiara”, he queried. “How is the mere accumulation of knowledge going to make Kiara happy?
“Our basic problem is the identification with ourselves as the doer”, he went on to say. “As long as we are identified with the doer, we think we have choices in life, chasing pleasures, avoiding pain. We think we are making wrong choices and feel guilty. Or we make choices because we are afraid to live out our own truth. But every action we take is simply a result of our current conditioning and our genetic inheritance. They are all choices based in fear. Do we really have free will?
“We are free only when we no longer identify with the doer,” he continued. “Then we become a doing, and life becomes a happening. No longer identified with the doer, we no longer live in fear of making the wrong choices, or that somehow the universe can do us harm. We release our guilts and our fears, and engage spontaneously with life in the present moment.
“To be enlightened is to accept the divine flow as it moves through us without identifying with a personal doer. To be enlightened is to no longer live in fear. To be enlightened is to recognize that there is nothing and no one to blame for anything we might encounter in life, since everything that happens is part of God’s will, divine destiny, and cosmic plan.
“The problem is not with the ego,” he emphasized. “We are all subject to the subconscious influences of the personal ego, the psychopath as well as the sage. The difference is that in the case of the enlightened sage the sense of personal doership has been uprooted.
“If we are not the doer how can there be karma? Karma is only real for us if we are identified with the physical form, trapped in a world of duality, subject to the wheel of responsibility and consequences. Once beyond this limited identification, we are free to manifest the full power of our divine destiny.
“Once we recognize that we are not the doer, everything changes. Our identity shifts to someplace beyond, we recognize that everything is governed through cosmic law, and therefore there is nothing to resist, nothing to fear. The doer becomes one with the doing, and our destiny unfolds each moment in a spontaneous flow of life.
“A personal entity and enlightenment cannot go together,” he concluded. “There is no “me” or “you” to seek enlightenment. Indeed, there is no such thing as enlightenment, and to truly grasp this is itself enlightenment!”
Thus, the essence of enlightenment is to understand that I am not the doer, simply a vehicle for doing to happen. If I am not the doer, then who remains to feel guilty, fearful, or judgmental about anything life has to offer?
Our memories of the past, our hopes and fears for the future, all arise from our identity as the doer. Life is meant to be lived in the eternal moment of spontaneous doing birthed in our identity as multidimensional consciousness. We become trapped in a world of time, however, once we identify with ourselves as a doer.
We are simply a witness to divinity passing through us, creating itself in each moment fresh from infinitely creative source, according to its own wisdom, its own timing. As we practice shifting our identity from the doer to spontaneous doing, from ego to soul, we realize that it is ALL divine will. This is a perspective that our limited body-mind organism cannot easily grasp. Enlightenment is simply realizing that this has always been true, and not resisting the perfection of what already is!
Ultimately, from this perspective, we realize there is nothing we can do to silence the ego, drop the mind, or gain our enlightenment, because all these attempts to change ourselves come from resisting the perfection of what already is. There is nothing the caterpillar needs to do in order to become a butterfly. All we can do is simply to love and understand the perfection of our place within the whole, exactly the way it is. As soon as we acknowledge this, the curtain lifts, and we realize that we are not so much the actor on the stage of life, but life itself desiring to express itself in each moment of existence,

Chapter 7 – Alternate Views of Time

Over the years I have noticed that my quest for personal enlightenment no longer drives me like it used to. Perhaps I have come to recognize that this is a lifelong process rather than some ultimate event. Perhaps I am no longer quite so identified with the personal self. Perhaps I have learned to be a little kinder towards myself and others, more allowing of shadows and imperfections, and more spontaneously willing to engage the flow of life arising from someplace bigger than the third-dimensional realities perceived by the thinking mind.
What I feel motivating my life instead is a deep passion for a shared planetary awakening, for understanding the timing and mechanism behind this mystical birthing process, and for joining with others in co-creating new worlds in space and time, We are at a pivotal point in human history, and none of us can move forward further unless we do it all together.
So where do we go from here? How do we better understand and participate in this process of birthing?
One clue to our evolutionary process may be found within the ancient calendar systems of earlier civilizations. There are Egyptian, Aztec, Hopi, Inca, Cherokee, Hindu, Chinese, Tibetan, and various other calendar systems that all share certain common perceptions of evolutionary history and time cycles, although they also differ widely in their details.
The much publicized Mayan calendar is actually the last remnant of a much older calendar system that goes back to the beginning of ‘time’ as we understand it, and also pin-points the ending of ‘time’ as we currently experience it. It is not so much a historical calendar as an interface between ‘linear’ time and what we might call multi-dimensional or ‘galactic’ time. As such, it can be interpreted as a map of our evolutionary impulse from linear history into multi-dimensional consciousness.
Consciousness is inseparably linked with our reckoning of time. The ancient Mayans, in attuning their sense of time to a galactic rather than solar calendar, were able to attune themselves likewise to a multi-dimensional rather than linear consciousness.
What does this mean for us today? Our civilization has become increasingly bogged down in a linear framework of time which increasingly separates us from the awareness of multiple, inter-connected realities. Linear time functions in one direction only, leading from a fixed past through an ephemeral present into an indeterminate future. We experience ourselves as a biological clock ticking away the moments between birth and death. We experience history likewise as a linear progression of events in a single dimension of reality.
Galactic time, however, orients us to a multi-dimensional world of simultaneous realities each linked together in a quantum field of infinite possibilities. This view of time opens us up to experience a cosmic consciousness where we become simultaneously aware of multiple dimensions of being. We are no longer an ego-based personality trying desperately to connect with our souls to give meaning to our puny existence, but rather the vast landscape of divine soul simultaneously experiencing embodiment in time and space as human creation.
Please realize that we are not just talking about a calendar system but of the nature of consciousness itself. Perhaps as we begin to truly experience galactic time we will discover ourselves to be galactic beings, no longer subject to the limitations of linear timelines that have imprisoned us for so long in disconnected boxes of colorless perception.
Our experience of time is determined by our level of consciousness. Linear time is associated with a perception of reality which is primarily mental. Galactic time however has to do with a perception of reality that goes far beyond our mental perceptions, a reality in which multiple timelines co-exist.
As long as our sense of reality is determined by linear time our choices are limited. We become passive observers in world events which often seem chaotic and overwhelming. If this is our only window into reality it becomes very easy to fall into a black hole of powerlessness, hopelessness and despair when confronted with the insecurities and chaos all around us.
As we begin to connect with galactic time, however, we recognize that as multidimensional beings we are creators of reality to a degree we can hardly imagine. As quantum physics is beginning to understand, our experience of reality is totally reflected in our beliefs about reality, and external realities can change instantly in response to an expansion of perceptions.
This is a science we are just beginning to understand. Physicist Michio Kaku, in his books, Physics of the Impossible, and Physics of the Future, lays a groundwork for the possibility that multiple timelines do co-exist in consciousness, and that we can choose to make real whichever timeline we focus on.

Could it be that we have already averted many potential catastrophes by the power of our unified consciousness? And could we literally create a paradise on earth based on our understanding of these higher principles? Are we approaching a long awaited moment when Creator consciousness slips through the veils of Creation, when we begin our journey into multidimensional consciousness, when the partition between the worlds begins to dissolve? It is a vision that inspires me, and so many others, in these turbulent times.


There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore, they will feel they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly. Know that the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open and our heads above water. At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally, least of all ourselves. For the moment we do, our spiritual growth and journey come to a halt. The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves. Banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.
We are the ones we have been waiting for.

—Message from Hopi Elders, 2001

Chapter 19. The Impossible Dream

My father was a scientist, and my mother an artist. Although I have been on a quest for spiritual awakening for as long as I can remember, their influence in my life ensured that my quest would be both grounded in the world of material realities as well as open to the flow of infinite possibilities.
It has not always been easy. Born under the sign of Pisces, I have always been a dreamer, and always felt the power of those dreams. More difficult was to learn how to discern between dreams and reality, and not to lose touch with the Earth while exploring the frontiers of the cosmos.
Ultimately I learned that we are given our dreams to make them real. It is not enough to just keep dreaming. As we commit to live our dreams out in the mirrors of daily life, we discover who we are – our limitations as well as our strengths, our humanity as well as our divinity. As we embrace both, we are no longer identified with either, and a power greater than we can imagine takes over. Then the dream, freed from itself, manifests in outer form.
I once explored a drama major in college and took part in several plays and musicals. One of my favorites was Man of La Mancha, a musical portraying the well known story of Don Quixote and his faithful squire, Sancho Panza.
Don Quixote viewed the world differently from most people. He rode a tired old horse which in his own eyes was a magnificent charger. He strung together bits and pieces of tin which became for him a suit of shining armor. He tilted at windmills thinking they were giants, and he believed in chivalry during an age where kindness and honor were lost.
Yet for all that, his madness touched people’s hearts, and showed them a hope which transformed their lives. He refused to believe in a flat, insipid world of artificial realities. And as he believed, so it was. His “madness” became the door to a greater sanity.
The theme song remained with me long afterwards. I see Don Quixote in my mind’s eye now as he rides off through the mist, followed by his ever faithful Sancho Panza, “To dream the impossible dream, to fight the unbeatable foe, to bear with unbearable sorrow, to run where the brave dare not go.”
I realize that our own world is not very different sometimes. It isn’t always easy to live in a “real” world of facts and values that often seem to be so deadening and unnatural. Eventually I learned that there is no reality separate from what we create within ourselves, and that the outer world is simply an extension of our own deep experience of truth.
For readers familiar with astrology, my ascendant in Sagittarius is exactly conjunct the position of the galactic center, which may explain why I have always felt so attuned to a galactic heartbeat of alternate possibilities. Interestingly, Pluto has been conjunct the galactic center in recent years. This may explain why the theme of personal and planetary rebirth has accrued so much significance in these times.
Perhaps we all need a little bit of Don Quixote as we enter into this next section of the book.

Chapter 20 – A Galactic Heartbeat

Our galaxy has a heartbeat. LaViolette’s galactic superwave is the physical representation of this, implying that the galactic core pulses in a mostly steady rhythm of 12,000 years for each heartbeat.
This 12,000 year heartbeat is a rough estimate based on my current attempts to correlate various aspects of scientific research with Yukteswar’s mystical understandings. LaViolette proposes that specific pulses could vary a few thousand years from this average and do not occur with clockwork precision. It is possible that more precise dating of the ice cores will improve our knowledge about this periodicity, especially as we better understand the relationships between what has been perceived until now as unconnected phenomena (including ice ages, magnetic pole reversals, crustal displacements, solar inversion cycles, and galactic superwaves).
The Maya understood the spiritual dimensions of this heartbeat as well, and tried to attune themselves with it. Their Tzolkin calendar represents 260 facets of this galactic energy, as externalized through our human psyches.
A calendar system represents an orientation in time and space. A solar calendar representing our 365 day journey around the Sun keeps us anchored within a third-dimensional context of space and time. The galactic calendar of the Maya provides us with a bigger picture, anchored within a higher-dimensional galactic pulse of space and time.
Some physicists, including Vogt, Sultan, and LaViolette, are coming to believe that the center of our galaxy derives its energy from outside of the time space continuum as we know it. If the big bang theory is accurate, then there should be a single location in the universe from which everything expanded outwards. Instead, astronomers are finding that wherever they look, the universe seems to be expanding outwards at the same rate.
Vogt and Sultan perceive this to mean that our physical universe is a reflection of a dimension beyond the visible universe, which they refer to as the diehold. Matter and energy are continuously spilling into our physical dimension from this diehold, as their book Reality Revealed: The Theory of Multidimensional Reality explains.
Similarly, LaViolette’s theory of continuous creation posits that the universe did not simply begin with a big bang, nor will it end with one, but is continually birthing itself. New creation is happening all the time. We can see this most clearly in the centers of galaxies.
LaViolette’s theory of subquantum kinetics implies that there is a subspace dimension beyond the world of physical creation from which physical universes are born. This higher-order dimension underlies the quantum level which he refers to as the transformation dimension. Thus the center of our galaxy itself, he theorizes, is not a black hole as many astronomers claim, but rather a Mother Star through which new creation is continually being birthed.
What kind of birthing are we talking about here? Are we talking about stars, dimensions, forms, consciousness . . . all of the above? Is the galactic superwave not just a physical burst of cosmic ray activity emanating from the center of our Milky Way galaxy, but a new wave of creation carrying with it infinite streams of evolutionary possibility?
I believe that we are multidimensional beings and that we experience different realities on different levels of existence. There are aspects of our being that exist beyond the boundaries of space and time, unified with galactic consciousness. From this level of existence we can influence and direct physical reality within space and time.
If we can expand our consciousness to link with galactic consciousness, we can determine the nature of the new energies coming in and what they can be used for. We are not separate from the galactic energies and can therefore choose to direct these powerful energies in whichever ways we choose.
I have come to believe that the galactic superwave is not simply a stream of mindless cosmic rays flowing out from a gigantic black hole but packets of information emanating from the Mother Star that can be programmed to create certain effects upon reaching us in space and time.
It is like the ancient Indian metaphor of Indra’s net in which the universe is like a net of pearls spread across the sky. Each pearl is constantly reflecting and being reflected within every other pearl. Each one is instantly changing and being changed by every other pearl.
As in Indra’s net, our attunement to galactic consciousness in the depths of our own being immediately invites a response from the galactic center regarding the nature and intensity of the incoming galactic superwave.
Just as neurons respond to our thoughts and bring about an instant response within our physical bodies, so our collective thoughts and attitudes invite a corresponding response from the nerve center of our galactic bodies, which the Maya referred to as Hunab Ku.
I realize that these concepts may seem a little far out for many people. Where does this quixotic belief stem from? I would like to go back a few years to begin responding to this.

Chapter 21. Dolphins, Whales and Galactic Consciousness

Earlier in this book I shared my experience with Windrider during the solar eclipse of 1999 and the timeline split of New Year’s Eve.
Earlier in that same year I had been living on the Big Island of Hawaii in a little cabin near Kealakekua Bay – a dolphin sanctuary where wild spinner dolphins would often swim into the bay to rest and play among the shallow waters.
Each morning I would don my snorkel gear and jump into the beautiful, tranquil bay. When fortunate enough, I would meet up with the dolphins. Over a period of months we became well-acquainted.
I learned to communicate with them through pictures and a language of feeling. When swimming with them, any sense of personal identity would easily dissolve. I joined with them in a place neither human nor dolphin, a place of pure joyful-playful-being.
I learned a lot about myself. Over the years I had built a whole set of identities around myself—I was a spiritual teacher and a healer, I was sensitive and compassionate, I was a good person with many gifts to offer, I was wise and deep. . . .
The problem with all this was that I had become so identified with this self-image that these very identities became a mask. I then found myself carefully protecting this image lest someone see through me into a place that was vulnerable or uncertain, angry or unloving, fearful, depressed or shy.
Forever comparing myself to others, my sense of self came from how I imagined others perceived me, and whether I thought I was good enough or lovable enough. And so of course I had to wear my best face at all times. I was losing my sense of spontaneity, my childlike wonder. I was losing my ability to live from the heart.
The dolphins didn’t seem to care for any of that. They became my mirrors. When I got lost behind my masks, whether in self-importance or in self-deprecation, they would stay away. When I let go of my masks, we would enter together into ecstatic play. Eventually, I learned that it was safe to even let go of the mask of being human. Here, we could meet in a space of pure essence, and that is when they truly welcomed me into their pod.
I will never forget the day that the four elders of the pod first swam with me cheek to cheek for a full hour, engaged in deep eye contact the entire time. It felt like an initiation into pod consciousness. I felt myself falling deeply in love with these beautiful wild dolphins, falling deeply in love with all of myself, and deeply in love with love itself. I learned about communicating from the heart. As I would enter into the state of love and join it with an intention or a picture, they would respond immediately. I felt awed and so deeply grateful for my new friends.
I learned about my attachments as well. I loved my dolphin family and often found myself feeling more connected to their world than to my own. I would fall into bouts of great depression if a day went by and they didn’t show up, and so of course they stayed away. When they did come in, it appeared they totally ignored me while playing with everyone else.
I finally realized they were illuminating my deepest fears of separation, abandonment, jealousy, and loss – so much part of our average human neurosis. I never experienced any kind of judgment from them, but always a direct reflective feedback to whatever form of energy I emitted. I learned more from these unconditionally loving and compassionate teachers than I ever had in any ashram or meditation retreat.
Then one day I had an encounter with a mother and baby whale. Again my perception of life changed forever. As I approached the bay for my customary swim I noticed a spout of water. My heart leaped within me. Although I had seen whales often on their migration paths through those waters, I had not seen them so close to shore. I swam out in the general direction where I’d seen the spout, then closed my eyes and called out to them in the way I had learned to do with dolphins.
I opened my eyes to see a huge humpback female directly beneath me. At first I panicked. What if she chose to surface just now? What if I got flipped around or sucked under by her immense size? Then I realized that she was very aware of my frail presence, that each movement she made was very deliberate, and that she would never let harm come to me in any way. I relaxed, and we entered into a space of communion while her baby playfully wove his way in and out, through and around us.
Suddenly I found I was no longer locked into my physical body. As I merged with the consciousness of the whale, I found myself expanding far out into the Earth, entering into her consciousness, and becoming one with her body. I was the Earth. I was Gaia, Goddess of the Earth. I was Ra, the Solar Logos. I was Hunab Ku, the Galactic Mother. I could feel the vastness of her form and of her being, and it was inside me as I was inside her. The cells of my body were the stars in the sky.
I realized there was literally no separation between us. This was the consciousness that the whales live in all the time. They are the guardians and reflections of the very life of Mother Earth and of our entire holographic universe in a way that most of us in human skin cannot begin to imagine. I felt immensely privileged to experience this glimpse of truth.
With this realization, ecstasy filled my body, in wave upon wave of understanding and joy. There has always and forever been only one of us here! I understood, with Chief Seattle, that we have been forever connected, like blood that unites one family.
Later, as I went back to my cabin and began to write of my experience, I knew that this connection with my humpback friend would always remain, and through her, my connection with the soul of Earth and sky. In that merging of our consciousness, a pathway was created within me that has remained open ever afterwards. The pathway has likely always existed, but the whale taught me to access it and to trust what I was feeling.

Chapter 22. Sri Aurobindo and Human Evolution

My encounter with the whales opened up a doorway for me to experience galactic consciousness. I have since come to believe that each galactic pulse has both a physical aspect as well as a spiritual aspect. Although we cannot control events on a physical level, we can certainly co-create alternative realities as we connect with the consciousness of this galactic pulse.
Dmitriev’s observations seem to indicate that some form of a cosmic ray or gamma ray burst may already be passing through our Solar System. LaViolette tells us that a major galactic superwave may be on its way. In the previous section we examined some of the possible physical effects of the galactic heartbeat, focused through the galactic superwave phenomenon. In the next few chapters, I would like to examine the spiritual aspects of this galactic heartbeat.
In this context I would like to begin with the work of two people that I consider to be among the greatest visionaries of our times.
Near the beginning of the twentieth century the great Indian freedom fighter and yogi-sage, Sri Aurobindo, began to express a truth which had not been expressed before. In his high states of divine union he saw that the time had come for a new stage in the evolution of mankind. He saw that the divine was to manifest right here on Earth and that the time for this divine emergence into Earth life was now. He spoke of heaven descending to Earth, even as Earth experienced a breakdown due to the intrinsic resistance held within her material body towards this descent.
Sri Aurobindo was joined in Pondicherry, India, by a French mystic, Mirra Alfassa, who later became known as the Mother. Together they embarked on a journey of intensive cellular and collective transformation that is very relevant to the colossal uncertainties we face today.
Sri Aurobindo saw that the divine force permeates all matter, and that all matter therefore has a force of consciousness. The process of the divine spirit descending down into matter is called involution. The process by which the divine ascends upwards out of matter is called evolution.
According to Sri Aurobindo, humanity has reached a stage where these two events are occurring simultaneously. He foresaw that we would soon experience a descent of what he called supramental consciousness that would entirely change everything on Earth. The term supramental refers to a unified state of being from a level of consciousness that has not yet been experienced on Earth.
Does this supramental descent relate to the evolutionary effects of the next incoming galactic superwave?
“Man’s greatness is not in what he is,” said Sri Aurobindo, “but in what he makes possible. An immortal soul is somewhere within him, even if seldom active in most people, while an eternal spirit overshadows him, even if obstructed from descent by the hard lid of his constructed personality. There is a great divine plan in motion, even if the evidence of the outer senses seems to contradict it.”1
Our evolution is far from complete. As Sri Aurobindo states, “Man is a transitional being; he is not final. The step from man to superman is the most important achievement of Earth’s evolution. It is inevitable because it is at once the intention of the inner spirit and the logic of Nature’s process.”2
Evolution leaped far forward with the origins of Life, and later with the emergence of Mind. According to Sri Aurobindo, we are now at the threshold of another leap, even more momentous, as we prepare for the emergence of the Supermind. He speaks about four stages in human evolution.
The first of these, briefly, is the animal human, which includes most of humanity today – rational beings possessing an individualized soul, but largely obstructed from contacting and merging with it. Our behaviors stem primarily from our instincts. Biological survival, along with the propagation of the species, is the primary goal.
Next is the human human, a species that is spontaneously coming to birth under the influence of an ever-expanding supramental field, a being that is starting to merge and live from soul-consciousness rather than mind-consciousness. Anyone on a quest for deeper meaning and wholeness, including those of you reading these words, are probably at this stage of evolution.
The third stage is the divine human, a stage we are collectively moving towards in this time of global transformation. We will still inhabit a material physical body, but will be in possession of the Mind of Light, which is supramental consciousness that has just begun to merge with cellular consciousness. The crystal children being born today are the precursors of this root race.
Finally comes the supramental human, our ultimate goal as a species—divinity incarnated fully within the realms of matter. The unity of matter and spirit is to be fully realized upon Earth. The higher-dimensional light body would be merged into the physical body, and the body itself would be raised in frequency to what Sri Aurobindo referred to as true matter.
This subtle physical substance, this true matter, was at the same time much more concrete than the physical world, more real, more complete, and much more powerful than the physical we are familiar with. It existed independently from physical matter, yet permeated all matter.
Within the field of true matter, penned the Mother in her diaries, the Supramental Force “would progressively be able to express unity in diversity instead of division and limitation, truth instead of falsehood, freedom instead of tyranny, goodwill instead of jealousy, love instead of hatred, and immortality instead of death.”3
We would transcend limitations of time, space, and matter, incarnating all the vast possibilities of our souls. We would travel instantaneously in both space and time. We would shapeshift through forms and dimensions as we choose. We would express the love, wisdom and power of the Creator in bodies of Creation. Are ascended masters such as Thoth, Jesus, Babaji and St. Germain the precursors of this root race?
The great work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother was in bringing supramental consciousness down into the cellular consciousness of their own bodies. The Mother states that the supramental realms were first unified into her cellular body on February 29, 1956. The Dream that is already present in the Supramental worlds was seeded into material consciousness at that time.
Since all matter is vibrationally connected, this meant that the supramental consciousness was simultaneously brought into the morphogenetic fields of the Earth, awaiting the moment when it would flower into full manifestation in the collective field of matter.
From the perspective of science, Dmitriev suggests that as the Sun gets bombarded with cosmic dust it will eventually undergo a radical shift in its base harmonic frequency. Through a principle of resonance, this would instantly ripple outwards, resulting in an increase in the base harmonic frequency of all matter within our Solar System. Could it be that the true matter which Sri Aurobindo refers to is somehow related to this quantum jump in the frequency of matter, quickening our bodies so we are more receptive to the frequencies of our souls?
In his book Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation, Gregg Braden also refers to a Shift of the Ages. He highlights two trends that are simultaneously happening right now, which would at some point intersect, contributing to this dimensional shift.
First, there is the gradual weakening of the Earth’s magnetic fields, which we discussed earlier. Second, there is the gradual increase in the Schumann resonance. Although some scientists assert that the Schumann resonance is a function of the diameter of the Earth and therefore is incapable of increasing, he is referring to a different measurement for certain harmonics which derives from Swedish and Russian research, and pertains to the rising frequency of matter. Is he too referring to this same quantum shift into the field of true matter?
In his epic poem, Savitri, Sri Aurobindo points toward what is yet to come:
A few shall see what none yet understand
God shall grow up while the wise men talk and sleep
For man shall not know the coming till its hour
And belief shall be not till the work is done.
The world is preparing for a big change
And the responsibility to bring this about lies with us.
Whether we like it or not:
The frontiers of ignorance shall recede,
More and more souls shall enter into light . . .
Nature shall live to manifest the secrets of God,
Spirit shall take up the human play,
And earthly life become the life divine.

Chapter 23. A Supramental Catastrophe
Whenever there is a descent there is corresponding resistance. Decades ago, Sri Aurobindo recognized that humankind must go through an evolutionary crisis, a supramental catastrophe. A stage has been reached in which the human mind has made tremendous strides on the one hand, but is left hopelessly inadequate to prevent its own extinction as a species. He wrote, “Humanity has arrived at a certain stage of general tension – tension in effort, tension in action, tension in everyday life – and an over-activity so excessive, a restlessness so widespread, that the whole human race seems to have reached a point where either one has to break through a resistance and rise into a new consciousness or fall back into an abyss of obscurity and inertia.”
It is time for humanity to come of age. The supramental catastrophe is the outward manifestation of this inner process. As the Mother testified before her death in 1973, a consciousness higher than the human rational mind, the Supermind, was established in the morphogenetic fields of the Earth in 1956. Our task now is to bring it down into cellular consciousness – into the daily activities of human life.
With the descent of this new vibratory consciousness, our obsolete human structures will be demolished. Sri Aurobindo predicted that during this process there will be a transition period which could become extremely chaotic as the last strongholds of greed, fear, illusion, and darkness surface to be dispelled.
This is the same “day of purification” that has been prophesied by the Hopi, Maya, Tibetans, Hindus, Christians, and so many individual mystics, prophets, and scientists throughout the ages.
Sri Aurobindo emphasized, however, that although the changes would be enormous they did not have to be catastrophic. When there is strong pressure for change from the forces of truth there are likely to be catastrophes because of the resistance and clash of forces. Yet, the supramental, he maintained, holds a complete mastery of things and carries a power of harmonization which can overcome this resistance “by means other than dramatic struggle and violence.”
Sri Aurobindo and the Mother believed that the world stage was set for an imminent supramental descent. As the Mother said in 1968, the supramental transformation is a certainty now. It will come about with a “considerable” minimum of destruction and will accelerate after the turn of the century.
With all the violence and all the possibilities of environmental catastrophe in our world today, it might be interesting to ask ourselves what further degree of destruction we might be experiencing if not for this power of harmonization! How many nuclear crises have been mysteriously defused? How many times has an brewing world war been avoided? How many catastrophic Earth Change prophecies have failed to materialize? And as the galactic superwave enters our Solar System, how many worst case scenarios discussed in the previous section of this book will be averted or modified?
In this context, I remember a time I had been living in Berkeley, California. Soon after the 1989 earthquake in San Francisco, many psychics as well as seismologists predicted that a much bigger one was on the way. A shaman friend was seeing very detailed visions of the devastation it would cause along with a specific date and time for the event.
As the word circulated, many performed rituals and ceremonies intending to harmonize their energies with that of the land. The night before the predicted date, many felt that something had shifted. At the exact time of the predicted earthquake came the news that the Berlin wall had come down! Somehow through the unified field of intention created around the world, the powerful explosive energies within the Earth had been harnessed for a very different purpose!
Stories like this are common. I wonder if we fully realize to what extent various masters, yogis, and ordinary people in their caves, homes and mountaintops are able to influence world events for the benefit of a human species so vigorously bent on trying to self-exterminate.
Sri Aurobindo, before his death in 1950, gave five indications that would precede the dawning of the New Era. To summarize briefly, he disclosed that knowledge of the physical world would increase exponentially, people would start becoming more psychic, there would be a concerted effort from the dark forces to maintain control, the world would move towards increasing unification through technology, and finally, many (such as Hitler) would rise up with the power to influence large numbers of people.
All these indications, in both their dark and light aspects, seem to be manifesting with increasing intensity in the world today. The collapse of an old world order seems imminent. We see signs of this breakdown throughout our social, economic and political systems. With Pluto now in Capricorn, there is an increasing demand for all systems, forms and structures to undergo a radical transformation in greater alignment with incoming evolutionary energies.
When I confront the ecological and political realities of our modern world, and speculate darkly on what might still lie ahead, I find myself greatly comforted by spiritual researchers like Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Their visions and understandings emerged from the direct experience of a more expanded cosmic truth.
We cannot remain in a state of denial concerning the ecological and political realities on our planet. However, affirming the new realities that are emerging among us leads us along the pathway to the Age of Light. Somewhere between an ungrounded spiritual escapism based in denial and a narcissistic preoccupation with gloom and doom, we can choose to intentionally and purposefully envision a brave new world based on the deepest truth of our being. In order to do this we must consciously face our own shadows, seek a genuine hope, commit to rebirth, and open to the light of our guiding truth.
We can only go as high as we are willing to go deep. It is often in the very depths that we find the greatest light and the power and the hope to sustain us. When we are willing to see and to embrace all of our deeply human, fragmented realities the light of grace shines upon us.
As we enter a new spiral of time, I feel that we will see increasingly rapid expansions of consciousness on our planet in tandem with stronger resistance. As I connect with my deepest truth, I know that we will make the Shift, although there could also be much chaos to come. The emerging consciousness may trigger the last dance of a polarized worldview. Yet, more than simply surviving the trauma of these times, we will transform into something far nobler as a species.
The Hopis believe the Great Purification will bring wars, hunger, disease, and Earth changes. These have already begun. We have transmuted much, however, and the transition is likely to be gentler than previously expected.
Through the power of the world soul, we have the potential to activate Sri Aurobindo’s power of harmonization – abolishing the fragmentation and separation inherent in our current state of consciousness.
These are times of a great transformation of Spirit. Although many might choose to leave, vast numbers of people will choose to awaken into their spiritual mastery and merge with their light bodies. Psychic, healing, and telepathic gifts will awaken. We will learn to walk between the worlds.
As we move through these times, let us gaze beyond mere appearances to what is real. The pathway through the valley of fear is in embracing a larger planetary and cosmic perspective. “Lead us from the unreal to the real,” said the ancient Hindu sages, “Lead us from darkness to light. Lead us from death to immortality!”

Chapter 24. Global Initiation
The nature of most spiritual initiations is the experience of a gradual ascent of consciousness followed by a sudden shift. It is like water slowly heating up and then suddenly becomes steam. When the time is right, this shift could take place in the twinkling of an eye.
In the subatomic world, electrons spin rapidly around the nucleus of an atom. When energy is added, they suddenly jump from one stable orbit to another. It is like disappearing from one orbit and then simultaneously reappearing in the next one. This phenomenon is known as a quantum leap.
Are we preparing for a quantum leap in planetary consciousness? I suggested earlier that there are both physical and spiritual aspects to the galactic superwave. As we attune to galactic consciousness, we therefore have a role in determining how we experience the physical effects. The choice is ours. Could the same wave that is capable of inflicting extreme destruction also be capable of initiating an extraordinary evolutionary awakening?
The Mayan calendar ends soon. Although it was created in linear time, the calendar is based on deep insights into the nature of galactic time. The Maya seemed to understand something about the nature of the galactic heartbeat, even though they may not have known about the science of cosmic rays and interstellar dust. Perhaps they were able to communicate with a galactic intelligence which shaped the structure and timing of their calendar system. It could be they sensed what to expect based on previous pulses of this galactic heartbeat.
What does it mean, as many claim, that their calendar ends on December 21, 2012 (or possibly October 28, 2011, as Calleman interprets it)? Is this referring to a cataclysmic end of the world? The end of modern civilization as we know it? Or even somehow the end of time as we currently experience it?
Our experience of time is a reflection of our consciousness. Our rational minds, operating within the framework of a three-dimensional universe, are only capable of functioning in a linear time-based perception of the world – a historical progression of our lives from past to future.
In contrast, Sri Aurobindo refers to levels of the mind far beyond the rational mind including the higher mind, illumined mind, intuitive mind, overmind, and finally the supermind (as I discuss in more detail later). Is it possible that each level of the Mind offers a different perception of time and consciousness, thus opening us to the experience of many possible timelines? Could these timelines exist together simultaneously?
For instance, in shamanic states of consciousness the boundaries between past, present, and future begin to dissolve. When psychics and prophets tap into future events it is because they have expanded their minds into a higher state of consciousness where their sense of presence expands to include events in the future. The quality and relevance of this information, the accuracy of it even, may have much to do with which levels of the higher mind they are able to access. The predictions of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, for instance, are made from the levels of the overmind and supermind – meaning they were able to attune to a galactic level of consciousness, much like the creators of the Mayan calendar.
As we transcend the linear dimension of time and enter into a multidimensional time zone, it may become possible to enter many dimensions of reality wherein our experience of the present may embrace two or more probabilities. Like my own experience on the eve of the new millennium, as a collective we may have the choice of multiple scenarios. That is a main theme of Windrider’s message.
String theory proposes the existence of 11 dimensions, most of them seemingly “curled up” in a dormant state. As the base harmonic frequency of matter undergoes a quantum shift, would this somehow uncurl these extra dimensions, allowing our bodies to transcend the current limitations of space and time?
In order to transcend linear time and third-dimensional density we must learn to transcend the level of consciousness based on the rational mind. It seems to me that this is the promise of 2012.
Explorations by Russian scientists into psychic phenomenon have shown that lowering magnetic fields tends to enhance psychic abilities and distorts our ordinary perception of time. What happens when the magnetic fields of the earth temporarily collapse? Is this a moment where we might step out of rationally minded linear time and enter into multidimensional consciousness? Could the end of the Mayan calendar be the timing key for this point of entry?
Although hesitant to make specific date predictions, LaViolette affirms the possibility that the next major galactic superwave could arrive in synchronization with the Mayan end date. If these superwaves have both a physical and spiritual aspect, this next one may be designed to open a doorway between worlds, create a shift in the base harmonic frequency of matter, and collectively push us into a vibrational state where the supramentalization of our minds and bodies manifests.
What is the precise trigger for this collective shift from linear time to multidimensional time?
Vogt and Sultan comment, “It is true that the period of time before and during the cataclysm is a terrible time for man to live. The suffering and hardship must be tremendous, but there is another side to it. If an individual has evolved to the knowledge of what existence truly is, he can evolve himself to the next higher dimension, this being the fifth or even the sixth dimension. He can do this only during the time of the reversal, when vast amounts of potential are available to him. For an evolved soul, this is the only time in which to live.”1
Their book was written decades ago. They were referencing a magnetic pole reversal and its effects on humanity. Although their forecast for the planetary shift may be gloomier than my current visions, I have been sensing that this magnetic pole reversal is the actual mechanism for triggering the multidimensional shift and even for the formation of multiple, simultaneously-existing, collective timelines.
How would this work? Our bodies are electromagnetic entities, aligned with the magnetic fields of the Earth. Our memories too are based on magnetic fields held within our auras synchronized with the memory fields of the Earth. This includes our personal memories, our collective memories, and so too the morphogenetic field of our human species.
What would happen if the magnetic fields suddenly collapsed? Imagine a videotape recording of an event. Now run it through a strong magnetic field. The entire recording would be erased.
Most of our conscious memories are held within the linear mind, composed of all the imprints and sensory input we have received from birth onwards, aggregated into a personality. Our identity is held within the electromagnetic fields of the lower physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies. This is who we think we are. This is the little self that would be instantly erased during this intense time of magnetic pole reversal.
Braden refers to a Great Shift when the collapse of the magnetic fields is coupled with the increase in the Schumann resonance of the Earth. Is it possible that this shift in Earth’s Schumann resonance is also the shift in the base harmonic frequency of matter, enhanced by the bombardment of high frequency cosmic rays that move through our bodies during this time of magnetic reversal?
I imagine a scenario where our linear mind-based ego identity is instantly erased in the collapse of Earth’s magnetic fields. Then, as the magnetic field of the Earth reverses itself, a new memory field is activated. It is like pressing a cosmic reset button. We emerge into a soul identity which includes all the memories of our incarnations on Earth from the perspective of unity rather than separation.
We are not far from this moment of cosmic birth. In response to the deep longing of our souls, we may soon experience this quantum leap in consciousness – birthing ourselves collectively as the divine human!

Chapter 30. An Evolutionary Leap
In the past few chapters we have been laying the theoretical groundwork for a profound planetary shift. Amidst ecological ruin, financial collapse, political breakdowns, personal traumas, and social upheavals around the world, there is clearly a powerful evolutionary process at work.
We have looked at this evolutionary process in terms of long-term cosmic cycles of approximately 12,000 years (which may also be linked with the precessional cycle). We have seen how galactic superwaves, long-term solar cycles, ice ages, and magnetic pole reversals all seem linked together in this evolutionary process. We have seen how a gradual period of evolution is usually followed by sudden and dramatic quantum shifts as we move from one cycle to the next and one world age to another (roughly corresponding with Yukteswar’s model of the four yugas). We have seen how mystical consciousness can play a part in predicting, mapping and facilitating these changes. We have examined Sri Aurobindo’s vision of the supramental descent as a key element in a co-creational process of birthing the new earth.
As we look back over the past few years it’s very clear that things are accelerating. Fluctuations in the magnetic field are getting stronger. This is evidenced by recent phenomena such as the thousands of birds dropping dead from the skies, disappearance of entire colonies of bees, and the periodic beaching of vast numbers of whales and dolphins.
The fluctuation and drifting of magnetic poles is usually a prelude to magnetic reversal. At the rate of approximately 40 miles a year, the magnetic north pole is drifting from its current location in North America towards Siberia. Airport runways around the world have had to be recalibrated to reflect this drift.
As we drift closer to a magnetic pole reversal it is likely that we will simultaneously experience a reset in human and planetary consciousness. As Felix has described, there is a link between magnetic reversals, ice ages and evolutionary leaps. The stage is already set for massive changes ahead – the magnetic reversal is already starting to happen, a mini ice age has already begun, and an evolutionary shift will inevitably follow.
Don Alejandro emphasizes that although we do know it will be soon, we cannot predict the timing of Year Zero as an exact date. It is much like predicting the birth of a child.
Birth is a beginning, not the end of a cycle. Once a child is born it takes a lifetime to fully mature. Year Zero represents not so much the end of the world as the beginning of a new cycle. How can the new consciousness emerging from the Shift shape the new world to come?
It is truly a miracle that life on our beautiful planet exists at all. If our planet were a little further away from the Sun it would be too cold to sustain life. If it were just a little closer we would burn to a crisp. If the force of gravity were a little stronger, galaxies and planets would not have differentiated from the original cosmic soup. A little weaker and we would be drifting out into the coldness of space forever.
There are hundreds of such narrow parameters that shape our existence within the fabric of life. As James Lovelock, Peter Russell (The Global Brain), Rupert Sheldrake (A New Science of Life), and other scientists have affirmed, the very fact of our existence here on Earth is truly a miracle. The probability that we as humans could have evolved simply by chance to the point where we could be asking ourselves this question is in the order of 1050, a mind-boggling 10 followed by fifty zeros!
So how did all this happen? Is there a God, some Great Cosmic Architect, who created all of this in the beginning of time, including all the laws of the Universe, and set it to run like clockwork? Did it all happen randomly or through some yet unknown principle of evolution?
There is a new theory of everything proposed by physicist Robert Lanza known as biocentrism. In Biocentrism, Lanza and co-author Bob Berman assert that the creation of the universe, of space, time and matter, did not happen by chance nor by a single act of creation. We, the observer, create time and space and the laws of nature. We create not only what is yet to come, but our perceptions of what has past as well.
In esoteric language we could rephrase this to say that we ourselves are the creator gods through which evolution happens. Our higher selves are one with creator consciousness, and we are constantly creating new possibilities through our unified thoughts and intentions.
LaViolette, in his theory of continuous evolution, equates new creative possibilities with the active phase of the galactic heartbeat. In this active phase massive amounts of cosmic and gamma rays are ejected from the galactic center in periodic bursts. The rays stream out through space as galactic superwaves. Could it be that the next galactic superwave is already beginning to move through our Solar System, initiating the physical events leading to an intense acceleration in our evolutionary potential? Is this what Sri Aurobindo’s supramental descent of light is all about?
And if we are birthing a new world, how does this effect the daily functioning of our lives here on Earth?
In the following section I would like to explore how the evolutionary force moving through our planetary consciousness might be influencing our sciences and technologies, our religions and psychologies, our social relationships, and our economic and political systems.
Maybe there are no fixed outcomes – no single set of probabilities for the future. We can choose to create whatever timelines we wish based on the infinite power of our creator consciousness. Our beliefs and perceptions shape our reality. As we envision so we create. The question is not so much what kind of world we will passively inherit, but what kind of world do we now choose to create.


Kiara Windrider, MA, MFT, spent much of his early life traveling and practicing vari¬ous spiritual traditions in India. A lifelong interest in environ¬mental healing, peacemaking, and social justice led to a dual degree in Peace Studies and Interna¬tional Development through Bethel College, North Newton, Kansas.
Later, he completed a graduate program in Transpersonal Counseling Psy¬chology through JFK University in Orinda, California, and worked for many years at an alternative psychiatric center called Pocket Ranch Institute, which specialized in healing emotional trauma and facilitating spiritual emergence. He received a psychotherapy license (MFT) from the State of California in 1998. He has also trained in various forms of bodywork, breathwork, hyp¬notherapy, and shamanic healing.
A major interest has been in understanding planetary and cosmic cycles and their relevance to humanity’s journey of awakening. He has approached this study through the eyes of shamans, geologists, historians, physicists, prophets, and mystics. From this research, he has come to the firm convic¬tion that we stand collectively at the brink of a quantum evolutionary leap beyond our wildest dreams.
He is currently focused on planetary healing using a system of anchoring divine light known as Ilahinoor. His greatest wish is to live fully in the wonder of each moment and to help awaken this beautiful planet to her destiny. He has written five books — Doorway to Eternity: A Guide to Planetary Ascension, Deeksha: The Fire from Heaven, Journey into Forever: Surfing 2012 and Beyond, and Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift, and Ilahinoor: Awakening the Divine Human.
Please visit his websites Kiarawindrider.net and Ilahinoor-usa.com. Kiara trav¬els frequently and is available for conferences, seminars, and retreats around the world. Suggestions and comments are always welcome and may be addressed to kiarawindrider@gmail.com. He can also be found on facebook.
Kiara was born on March 6, 1959, at 2:06 am in Bombay, India.