The Emergence of Ilahinoor

Ilahinoor, or “divine light”, is a powerful new healing system that has been developing over the past couple years.

Drawing on a morphogenetic field developed through various initiatory practices from old Egypt, from the Sufi tradition, as well as from energetic transmissions received from the cetacean consciousness, it allows for the integration of the subconscious mind with the wisdom of the superconscious, thereby allowing the conscious self to express a deeper quality of divine possibilities in daily life.

The basic technique is learning to form a bridge between the limbic system, an area of the brain that is associated with the subconscious mind, and the areas of the brain that link with the higher self. Once this happens, the full creative capacity of the higher self can flow through our lives for the purposes of healing, embodying our divine purpose, and manifesting new realities.


An Evolutionary Pulse

Waves of a powerful new energy are pulsing in from the galactic center.

It is an evolutionary pulse, referred to by astrophysicist Paul LaViolette as a ‘galactic superwave’, which seems to move through our solar system every 12 or 13 thousand years, bringing with it high frequency cosmic and gamma rays capable of impacting matter and shifting consciousness in a rather big way.

As the ocean of consciousness continues to rise in our journey back to Source, waves of galactic consciousness have been sweeping in, birthed in many different corners of the world under many different names through many different traditions. One such process, known as Ilahinoor, (or “Divine Light” in Turkish), seems to connect with an ancient morphogenetic field going back to ancient Egypt and which has been held through the millennia in the mindfield of the whale kingdoms.

I have been working with this ilahinoor field quite intensively for the past years. In past cycles this energy was utilized to prepare the body for what is known today as ‘ascension’, a process of raising the frequencies of the physical body to merge with the lightbody, which in those days was a long and difficult achievement. I am told that in these times this energy is to become available not just to a few but to anyone who desires this, in preparation for a dimensional shift where matter itself is being transformed in our return journey towards Source.

We have been sharing ilahinoor directly through hands-on transmissions, as well as through long distance transmissions, and also teaching people how to tune into this field themselves, and then pass it on to others. Thousands of people around the world have reported a very significant deepening of their process, and most of them report a heightened ability to bring the cosmic energies further into the body, and thus into the body of the Earth as well. People also report a cleansing of the emotional body, and often the clearing of various kinds of addictions. Many have said that just hearing the vibration of this name has opened up a new doorway for them.

I would encourage people to experiment with this ancient yet new energy. All you need do is ask to connect with the morphogenetic field of ‘ilahinoor’ through contact with your own higher self, guides, and angels, and then lie back and relax. As you bring it through your own body, send it out to those around you, and to our beautiful planet. If assistance is required, I will be doing a long distance transmission of this cosmic energy every Saturday morning at 8 am local time from wherever I happen to be, so you are welcome to link in. Since time and space are relative, just tune in at whatever time suits you best closest to this time.

If you would like to share your experiences with me, I would be happy to hear from you.