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“War is Peace. Slavery is Freedom. Ignorance is Strength.”


I first read George Orwell’s 1984 during my early college years, while pursuing a degree in Peace Studies. Wars of imperialism were being fought worldwide in the name of peace, living ecosystems were being plundered in the name of progress, and endless lies were being peddled in the name of truth, all justified in the name of freedom. Nation-states vied with each other for dominance, each claiming to be somehow ‘chosen’, with all others being expendable, wrong or downright ‘evil’.


The end always justified the means, or rather, a secret elitist agenda always justified the lies. Truth became collateral damage in the great task of empire building. So what a few acts of genocide to found a great nation?  So what a wee bit of deception to create a dominant religion? So what a few more forest species extinguished in order to build a profitable economy?


After all, we must fulfil our manifest destiny, and the strong shall inherit the earth. Didn’t Darwin prove that we are at the top of the evolutionary ladder, and that evolution supports only the survival of the fittest?


If anything has changed in the thirty years since those early college days, the mainstream lies have just become more blatant, our ability to discern has become increasingly eroded, and we have learned to unquestioningly swallow the blue pill in allegiance to outright slavery of mind, body and soul. We would rather plunge into extinction than face our own truth. We would rather die in arrogance and illusion than take down the mask of our own collective dissonance.


On a personal level, however, many are waking up. Most people in the world today are not heartless tyrants and mindless consumers. We have learned to perceive ourselves as isolated and weak, but we are not soulless. We may be ignorant and misinformed but we are not evil. Many are increasingly looking to give back to the earth, to make amends for past wrongs, and build a new world based on respect, sovereignty, justice and peace. We are looking to seek our truth, find our power, claim our freedom.


To the extent we are conditioned by Orwellian ‘doublespeak’, however, we cannot see clearly enough to distinguish truth from falsehood. As long as we accept our current world system as benign, we will continue to become a cancer on this earth. Having given up our sovereignty as divinely inspired and powerfully compassionate guardians of creation, the only choice left is to play out our pitiful roles as serfs and victims.


The Andean Inkas talk about pachakuti, a time of turning around. When things have been topsy turvy for a long time, it means turning the world right side up. They say that we have been living in a bad dream, and NOW is the time to wake up. They say that we must choose this ourselves, that WE are the ones we have been waiting for. The entire cosmos is lining up with our little blue planet in order to make this happen.


It begins with seeing clearly, seeing from a big picture perspective, seeing through the eyes of the heart, which is connected with the soul of creation. In the following series of essays I would like to investigate this further, examining political realities, scientific paradigms, evolutionary cycles, cosmic intelligences, climate changes, the psychology of awakening, and depth spirituality. I would like to explore the shadows that have glazed our vision, light as well as dark, personal as well as collective, and discover ultimately the undying light of our own existence, a radiant Self-awareness bright enough to evolve consciously and powerfully towards the next World Age.


“Lead us from the unreal to the real,” said the ancient seers of India. “Lead us from darkness to light, from death to immortality!”


Shadows of a Dying Age Part 2

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