Reflections on Siberian Darkness By Kiara Windrider

I was just forwarded an article by my friend Barry Martin, relating to a strange incident a week ago where an entire region of Siberia went dark for 3 hours in the middle of a summer day. Not relegated to a single area, the entire territories of Yakutia and Verkhoyansky, roughly about the size of Italy, were cast into pitch-black darkness. It wasn’t smoke from wildfires, it wasn’t dust clouds, it wasn’t smog or pollution, it wasn’t a solar eclipse. What was it then?

Conjectures ranged from top-secret military experiments to UFO’s to meteorites to various sorts of doomsday prophecies. As Barry and I spoke on the phone, stupefied by this bizarre occurrence, we wondered if this may have something with the ‘three days of darkness’ found in prophecies all over the world, relating to a time of profound collective transformation on the Earth.

I have felt for many years that the prophecies of the ‘three days of darkness’ found in Christian, Maya, and many indigenous mythologies around the world have to do with magnetic anomalies, and possibly with a reversal of the earth’s magnetic polarity.

As Barry and I talked we were reminded of Ben Davidson’s assertion (Suspicious Observers channel) that the magnetic field of the earth has been rapidly collapsing at an exponential rate over the past few decades and years, and that the north and south magnetic poles have been travelling at an accelerated rate away from their original axis. The north pole is in fact moving towards a new position somewhere in Siberia. Could this be related somehow?

Scientists tell us that when the earth’s magnetic field diminishes down to a certain level it usually leads to a sudden reversal of magnetic polarity. It seems to be a predictable cycle, and has happened many times in earth’s history. Many researchers associate these magnetic reversals with extinction events as well as with evolutionary leaps.

Barry shared some of his own calculations, following the curve of the exponentially collapsing fields, where a magnetic reversal could well take place by the year 2025. Could this anomaly in Siberia be a precursor to a worldwide phenomenon, culminating in the ‘three days of darkness’?

During a visit to Guatemala over a decade ago, I had spoken with Mayan elder Don Alejandro Cirillo about these ‘three days of darkness’. This was the central prophecy in the Mayan tradition, he explained, and emphasized that when these things begin to happen, we need not go into fear, but rather celebrate this moment of rebirth where we would move out from an age of darkness into an age of light.

Many prophecies around the world speak of pachakuti, pralaya, purification or apocalypse, basically a moment when an entire layer of collective insanity can be eradicated from human experience. As I place my attention beyond personal identity to the evolutionary journey of Gaia, I see this as a time where an entirely new species of humanity, as well as innumerable other species, can emerge from the ashes of the old.

In 1944, towards the end of his life, Bulgarian mystic Peter Deunov received a vision of a great superwave of light that would purify the earth in the very near future, bringing about tremendous geological transformation, and ushering in a new race of humanity, which he referred to as the ‘sixth race’.

Everybody will soon be subjugated to a divine Fire, a ‘cosmic electricity’, he states, which will transform the world as we know it. This immense wave comes from cosmic space, and will inundate the entire earth. Each of us will experience this wave, and respond to it according to our own evolutionary potential. There would also be floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and gigantic fires everywhere, and terrible explosions resounding in various places on earth.

This ‘cosmic electricity’ is very similar to what astrophysicist Paul LaViolette refers to as a ‘galactic superwave’, a giant expulsion of cosmic ray electrons moving out from the galactic core every 12 to 15 thousand years, and sweeping through the entire Milky Way galaxy. The next wave of cosmic rays could move through our solar system any day now, he warns, leading to a chain of predictable and cataclysmic events, culminating in the reversal of earth’s magnetic polarity.

All these things seem to be related somehow. Barry and I had both been experiencing a sense of how close we were to some kind of global ‘event’, and how synchronized all these phenomena were with each other in creating an opportunity for a collective evolutionary leap.

There has been some medical research asserting that in the moment of physical death, when the heart stops, that the magnetic field generated by the heart also collapses. This collapse generates a spike of DMT within the pineal gland, which allows the soul to travel effortlessly out from the physical body into subtler worlds of existence.

Could it be that the same possibility exists on a collective level, that as the magnetic field of the earth collapses and reverses, it generates a spike of DMT in all mammals, and specifically all humans, on this planet, enabling us to emerge from our current matrix of illusion into the ‘sixth race’, as Peter Deunov expresses it?

“This immense wave comes from cosmic space and will inundate the entire earth, says Deunov, writing in 1944. “A few decades from now beings who are bad and lead others astray will not be able to support the intensity of this Fire. All those that attempt to oppose it will be carried off and transferred elsewhere.

“Although the inhabitants of this planet do not all find themselves at the same degree of evolution, the new wave will be felt by each one of us. And this transformation will not only touch the Earth, but the ensemble of the entire Cosmos.”

This reminds me of Gary Sultan’s book, Reality Revealed, where he asserts that the times of magnetic reversal on Earth is when most advanced souls wish to be on Earth, for this is an opportunity for unprecedented evolution to take place.

Is this why there are more than 7 billion humans on this planet right now? I have a sense that Gaia has her own plans and purpose for evolution. The human race, of course, is a part of this, or else we would not be here. But what is our role? Do we perhaps represent the nervous system of the earth, carrying the potential to anchor this “divine fire” through our bodies and into the body of the Earth, enabling Her to make a giant evolutionary leap as well?

And is this Siberian darkness a sign of accelerated times ahead?

Barry Martin Snyder, along with his partner Karen Andrerson, is the author of ‘The Luminous Self’ trilogy. Kiara Windrider is author of ‘Gaia Luminous’ and ‘Homo Luminous’.

GAIA Network

GAIA Network – Global Awakening In Action

Membership Proposal

                  A galactic tide is coming in, triggering a collective awakening within the planetary web of life. Many have come to earth to serve as midwives to this birthing process, each with a unique gift to share within this larger fabric of change.

Although many around the world have felt the first ripples of this rising tide, we don’t quite understand what this birth is really about. Many in recent years have became fixated with particular dates expecting some sort of magical shift based on ancient cycles of wisdom, but without a solid understanding of what kind of mechanism could cause such a massive event.

The mechanisms behind this kind of event are slowly being uncovered now, an understanding that comes from the forefront of an emerging new science as well as from the insights and perspectives of deep mystical research.

The GAIA Network is a collective of astrophysics, mystics, geologists, inventors, futurists, historians, networkers, educators, researchers, political, social and spiritual leaders, anyone with a planetary mission to collaborate, research and share this emerging body of knowledge. It is also about creating leadership strategies for the foundation of the new earth. Some of the areas of interest:

  • Relationship between galactic cycles and solar events
  • Relationship between solar cycles and planetary events, including climate change, space weather, volcanic activity and magnetic field fluctuations
  • Relationship between magnetic fields and human consciousness, specifically through DMT production within the pineal
  • Relationship between magnetic reversals and evolutionary leaps, biologically and spiritually
  • Mechanism for collective awakening and emergence of a new humanity, homo luminous
  • Periodicity and timing of magnetic reversals
  • Possible timing for imminent magnetic reversal/collective shift
  • Relationship between inter-linked bodies of existence, between our galactic self and human self
  • Recognition that humans serve a function as the nervous system of Gaia, the biological and spiritual consciousness of the Earth
  • Taking our role as empowered co-creators with Gaia in consciously and proactively working towards the New Earth
  • Transitional technologies, power sources, transportation systems, economic, educational and political structures that prepare us for the new earth
  • Leadership strategies before, during and after the shift

Membership in GAIA is by invitation, but it is each person’s heart that ultimately chooses. It is a co-creative network. We will start with a collaborative website for informational purposes, with occasional international conferences and other gatherings.

Please respond if you may be interested, including a few words about your own particular focus of interest, and how you may wish to be involved.

Kiara Windrider

DMT – Doorkeeper between the Worlds

In researching various scenarios for evolutionary leaps in the past twenty years I began to understand that the shift of consciousness predicted by many during these times was directly linked with the collapse and re-orientation of earth’s magnetic field. The collapse of the earth’s magnetic field has been proceeding at exponential speeds over the past 200 years or so.

The current average field strength is about 80%, although significantly lower or higher in certain parts of the world. I don’t see a final collapse of the fields until we are down to at least 15 or 20%. But the question remains, at the current rapid and exponential rate of collapse, how far are we from this occurrence? How close are we to the prophesied three days of darkness?

Barry Martin Snyder, author of the Birthing the Luminous Self trilogy, extrapolates from various charts and patterns to pinpoint the time of magnetic collapse and reversal to around 2024 or 2025, although this could change based on human consciousness or unknown geological factors. Or perhaps, as John Casey indicates, this could happen shortly after our current 30 year Cold Sun phase ends around 2045 or 2046, as giant solar flares initiated by a massive barrage of incoming cosmic dust lead to huge surges in the solar wind, overwhelming and reversing an already weakening magnetic field on earth.

The magnetic fields are not only weakening, but also the north and south poles of the earth have been shifting towards new positions, also at an increasingly rapid speed. They are currently moving relatively independently of each other towards a point of convergence somewhere in Indonesia, with an opposite polarity emerging across the planet in the Caribbean, in the region of the Bermuda triangle. Thus rather than flipping 180 degrees all at once, the new magnetic axis could possibly line up at a 90 degree angle to the current polar axis, remaining there for some time before re-aligning with the original north-south axis.

What can we expect on earth during this time? In the absence of the magnetic shielding provided by these fields, we would become susceptible to massive solar radiation as well as to cosmic radioactivity. What if there were an X-class solar flare during one of these periods of collapse, or even a relatively smaller M-class flare? What would happen to our satellites, power grids, and communication systems? What would happen to the sense of human identity that is normally anchored within our mental and emotional bodies? What happens to our perceptions of reality? Would our bodies survive the immense amounts of radiation and radioactivity raining down from the skies?

I do not have the answers to these questions, but we seem to be moving towards an evolutionary crisis. During the conception of human life, millions of sperm cells are released and move towards the egg, but only one or two eventually make it to their destination. But conception could not happen without the support of these millions of sperm cells. Are we in a similar phase of planetary conception, where billions of human beings have taken birth on this planet in order to prepare the species for the next stage of evolution?

The science of sacred geometry has shown us that 90-degree phase shifts are the key to traversing between dimensions of time and space, sometimes referred to as timelines. As the magnetic polarity of the earth re-orients towards a new polar axis at right angles to our current axis, it could open the doorway for a powerful shift for humanity and the earth.

What do these scenarios mean for us? Can we continue to live out our petty human lives alternating between violent upheavals and quiet desperation, or is there another biological imperative that is coming to the forefront now? We have come to a fork in the road, and don’t have much time to choose. What is being required of us in order to make this biological shift?

What will happen when the first signs of magnetic collapse take place? It is very likely that if this happens at the same time as a strong or even relatively moderate solar eruption, this could severely disrupt the earth’s power grids. Low orbit satellites would get fried, while power lines and transformers around the world would fail, perhaps for a period of months or years. There could also be a significant warming of the oceans on the side facing the sun, leading to severe storms and hurricanes, as well as massive earthquake and volcanic activity. Any of these scenarios could significantly set back our current human civilization.

This is the downside of a magnetic collapse. Meanwhile, there is the incredible evolutionary potential that has prompted seven billion human souls to enter this incarnational cycle. How do we use this opportunity as a species? It could well be that many will use this time to complete their incarnational contracts, while others will use it as an unprecedented opportunity to make an evolutionary leap.

Researchers have noted an inverse relationship between magnetic field strength and the production of a compound within the pineal gland known as DMT (di-methyl-tryptomine). As the magnetic fields of the earth weaken, the production of DMT is enhanced. This is the substance in the brain, sometimes known as the ‘spirit molecule’, which allows us to transcend ordinary realities and experience multi-dimensional consciousness. It is the same ingredient found in plant medicines such as ayahuasca, which opens doorways between the worlds.

What if the entire human species, as well as other mammals, began to experience a DMT spike during the magnetic collapse and reversal? Imagine the entire world on ayahuasca during these three days of darkness! What does it take to consciously enter into the fields of matter and surrender to the evolutionary forces moving through us? Is the human species capable of making this shift, or are we too wounded and jaded from living at the edge of survival through so much of human history?

Like most quantum leaps, I suspect it takes only a few people initially to accomplish the genetic transformations required, and then, once complete, the rest can follow in future incarnational cycles. But for those who choose this work, it will be a massive undertaking, and not necessarily easy or painless. Are we willing to offer our vehicles to this transformational work?

There comes a time when the caterpillar can no longer go about its mundane existence crawling along the ground. The old structures of life are collapsing all around us. Political systems are tottering, economic systems are failing, social structures are in upheaval, our bodies and personal lives are falling apart.

Perhaps these old structures cannot be cosmetically fixed anymore. Perhaps it is our time now for entering the mysterious dark tunnel of a planetary birth, riding the evolutionary waves of new creation, and emerging as a human butterfly, the homo luminous.

“Man is a transitional being,” said the great mystic seer Sri Aurobindo more than a hundred years ago. “Evolution is not finished… As man emerged out of the animal, so out of man the superman emerges.”

Perhaps this is why many of us have chosen to be here at this time. A new age is at hand. The journey through the evolutionary marshes may be dark, difficult and unknown, but the map lies within our genes, and the way forward is joyous and sure.

(Excerpt from Gaia Luminous: Emergence of the New Earth by Kiara Windrider)

The Electric Universe

There is an enormous paradigm shift taking place in scientific circles today about the nature and composition of the universe.

We are moving away from a mechanistic model based on physical objects spinning around each other through vast interstellar distances to a more dynamic model where the entire universe is perceived as a single pulsating web of electric plasma inherently inter-connected to everything else even beyond the boundaries of space and time.

Recall the ancient Indian metaphor of Indra’s net, where the universe is perceived as a string of pearls, each pearl reflecting every other pearl, each pearl containing every other pearl, and each pearl essentially being every other pearl. Our physical universe is now being seen to behave far more in accordance with this model than our current scientific paradigm based on gravitational forces and linear motion.

Take for instance our own Sun. According to traditional science it is an immense ball of hydrogen and helium gases, producing heat through nuclear fusion, which then radiates out through the solar system to warm up planetary bodies in proportion to their relative distance from the Sun. According to this theory there is a huge, but finite, amount of energy available to us, based on the life cycle of our sun from white dwarf to red giant.

Likewise, according to this theory, the universe operates according to laws of entropy, beginning with the Big Bang 13.6 billion years ago, rapidly expanding out through an almost infinite stretch of intergalactic space, eventually slowing down, reversing direction, and collapsing back into a singularity of time and space. Although we are still billions of years away from this eventual point of demise, the universe is still finite according to this model.

Scientists have puzzled over why the universe seems to behave in certain predictable ways as far as these macrocosmic worlds are concerned, but works so differently in the microcosmic world of subatomic particles, where time and space take on an apparently random quality, and where the consciousness of the observer makes such a significant difference in how these particles behave.

Could it be that what we are looking for to unify these two worlds is not so much about discovering some elusive Theory of Everything, but shifting our perceptions slightly to understand what has always been right in front of our very noses?

Could it be that the laws of quantum physics and the laws of relativity are exactly the same laws, except that we just have not been able to perceive them rightly?

We have been so deeply conditioned by our physical senses to believe in ideas of shape, size and distance that it seems to me that we have lost our ability to observe the universal matrix underlying all time and space, all things in creation ranging from the largest super-galactic clusters to the smallest boson.

To our observable physical senses, it seems that gravitation is the strongest of the four basic forces. The entire fabric of the observable universe, including relativity, the speed of light, and the separation of objects in space and time, is based on our understanding of gravitational forces.

In our own solar system, the planets seem to be held in orbits around the sun by the forces of gravity, while the sun is held in its 230 million year orbit around the galactic center through this same force. Our galaxy rotates around a super-galactic center, which rotates around its own galactic cluster, and so on, until the entire physical universe seems to be expanding out from its original singularity in time to the far extent of an almost infinite space, to eventually return back long eons from now through the force of gravity.

But what if we were to try and perceive the universe not through the physical forces of gravity acting upon physical objects but though a vast network of invisible electromagnetic forces that weave all things together? Unlike the force of gravity, which diminishes proportionately the further two objects are separated from each other, electric forces maintain a connection between these same objects no matter how far they move apart in space or time. Across the vast cosmos, electromagnetic energy is 1,000,000,000,000 times stronger than gravitational energy!

The Electric Universe theory, or Plasma Cosmology, is based on the idea that 99.999 % of the universe is plasma, and that plasma produces its own magnetic fields and electrical currents.1 Wikipedia defines plasma as one of the four fundamental states of matter, the others being solid, liquid and gas. It is a quantum mix of negatively charged electrons and highly charged positive ions, created within hot gases or by subjecting gas to strong electromagnetic fields.

The Sun, stars, galaxies and even what appears to be physical matter, are primarily composed of plasma. Known to earlier alchemists as ether, it is the substrate of all things in existence.

Plasma cosmology takes away the requirement for a Big Bang, or a beginning to space, time, matter or energy. It takes away the need for a single act of Creation. It takes away the need for dark matter or dark energy, black holes or neutron stars to explain away inconsistencies in the gravity theory of the universe. And it provides a meaningful context for string theory, which postulates that at the heart of all matter is an eleven dimensional matrix of vibrating strings.

Physical interactions between objects on the macrocosmic level can be explained through plasma interactions appearing as electrical currents, while quantum interactions on the microcosmic level can equally be explained through plasma interactions between electrons, protons and a multitude of ever smaller sub-atomic particles. Ultimately, this theory explains why all matter, not just photons and subatomic particles, sometimes appear as particles and sometimes as waves.

It explains how human consciousness, when fixated in a physical universe of gravitational laws, seems to function through the limitations of the rational mind, through the laws of cause and effect, and within a matrix of time and space. In this state objects appear to be separate from each other, and the universe appears to operate through fixed laws of relativity.

But simultaneously, as we shift our awareness towards the universal network of intelligent plasma fields, this same human consciousness is enabled to travel outside of time and space, and experience mystical, non-dual realms beyond the boundaries of the rational mind. We exist in all things, both within time and outside time, within space and outside space.

Plasma cosmology explains how the entire universe seems to operate like a single pulsing organism, instantaneously transmitting information back and forth across vast distances irrespective of the speed of light. It explains how the physical universe itself is an emanation of cosmic consciousness, and how everything that can be perceived within time and space is continually shifting back and forth between form and formless realities.

Douglas Vogt referred to this formless, or causal realm as the Diehold, the ancient Hindus referred to it as Brahman, others simply as the Source field, God, or Cosmic Consciousness. Matter and energy are not so much created out of this realm of Consciousness, but are constantly oscillating back and forth between these two states. It is only maya that causes the rational mind to believe that these two states of existence are separate from each other.

This theory explains how we as multi-dimensional entities can cross between timelines, and create multiple dimensions of reality, based on where we choose to place our focus. Just as Schroedinger’s cat is neither dead nor alive until we open the box to take a look, so there is no fixed reality out there until we, in multi-dimensional awareness, choose to make it so.

On a practical level, an understanding of this theory allows us to reach beyond the finite resources of our weakening sun, and tap directly into the plasma currents that constantly surround our earth and solar system. Whether we utilize these currents to enhance our biological capabilities, tap into this infinite source of power to replace our dependence on fossil fuels, or allow these understandings to shape our philosophical, psychological, scientific and spiritual paradigms, it is crucial to our survival and continued evolution in these pivotal times.

Ultimately, this model also provides me with a blueprint for how homo luminous could actually emerge. Our nervous systems have evolved to a point where our biology has become extremely receptive to our vibrational consciousness, which in turn has much to do with our collective conditioning.

The Plasma Cosmology paradigm empowers us to seek our true identity as universal consciousness, the Self that permeates all things. Once we know ourselves as the Self, higher levels of the mind can begin to integrate with the rational mind, allowing us the experience of transforming and shaping our perceptions of reality in the world of physical matter as well.

The paradigm shift from a gravity model of the universe to an electric model of the universe is just as revolutionary as the shift from a geo-centric model of the universe to the Copernican model of planets spinning around a sun, or from Newtonian physics to relativity or quantum physics. Every paradigm shift we make helps our evolution by learning to perceive the universe differently. For as we perceive, so we become.

The physical and the metaphysical can no longer be perceived apart from each other. This is our journey of enlightenment, our journey into homo luminous. This is the supramental descent, a unifying consciousness that the sun-eyed children of a marvelous dawn have come to initiate on Earth now!

Some of the pioneers of the Electric Universe theory include Hannes Alfven, Anthony Peratt, Don Scott, David Talbott, and Wallace Thornhill. Please check the youtube channel, Thunderbolts Project, as well as the work of Rolf Witzsche ( for more details. A comprehensive youtube presentation is Thunderbolts of the Gods,

(Excerpt from Gaia Luminous: Emergence of the New Earth by Kiara Windrider)


“This is fullness. That is fullness. From fullness comes greater fullness. Take away fullness from fullness and fullness ever remains.”

This ancient affirmation from the Isha Upanishad reflects an understanding of perfection unfolding in time that the thinking mind cannot easily grasp.

The thinking mind is designed for complexity. We compare, judge, discriminate, analyze, interpret, divide and subdivide everything from writing down this simple sentence to attempting to discover the meaning of life and the universe.

The mind is a beautiful tool for learning to embody ourselves in human incarnation, but we have identified with the mind, thinking we are this mind, or that this mind is the lens to discovering who we are. And the more we have identified with the mind the more complex our lives have become, and the less we can be present to the profound simplicity and beauty of each spontaneous moment.

We assume we are a body-mind-personality complex. We are born and then we die. We have a name and we create a history, we possess thoughts, feelings and memories. We think we are real, in the sense that this entity that we call by name is permanent, at least until we die.

We also assume we are separate from the rest of the world, other objects, other people, nature, the universe, God. We struggle to find our place in this complex world, struggle with ourselves and our inner conflicts, struggle for meaning and purpose so we can feel worthy, happy and loved.

We get tired and exhausted from this endless struggle, wondering why it is we have lost our spontaneity and joy. Some of us embark on a spiritual path and undertake a quest for the true self. We read all these fascinating stories of spiritual masters who have achieved a certain state of consciousness where they transcended the limitations of the world around us, a select few who have managed to escape the drab realities of an egoic world view and achieved a transcendent blissful unity with all of life, creation and the universe.

We are told in these stories that the world is not real in itself, that who we think we are is an illusion, and that the only thing that is real is the Self. We are told that we must give up everything in order to realize the Self, and that once we do so we are liberated from all our suffering and can dwell in a state of permanent enlightenment. Enlightenment is presented as the ultimate experience, the end of the path, the final goal of all our seeking.

And so we go desperately seeking after this thing called enlightenment, hoping it will provide us with the spontaneity and connection we have lost, forgetting that the thing that we are seeking through is the same mind that craves complexity, and that the one we are seeking for has never actually ever been lost.

In fact, THAT which we are searching for is the same Self that we already are, and always have been. And this is the great cosmic paradox. We can never find this Self by seeking after it, simply because it is already THAT which exists behind all seeking, all exploring and all being.

Ironically, even our identity as a spiritual seeker is sourced in the duality of the thinking mind, which is forever attempting to create expectations and judgments based on good and bad, right and wrong, spiritual or unspiritual. We think we are somehow flawed and therefore engage in a quest to change ourselves. We discover it is impossible to change the nature of our mind, and end up suffocating in guilt and shame.

We embark on a journey of endless seeking and constant self-analysis, gaining a profound understanding of our attachments, aversions and addictions, while still unable to gain mastery over them. So what do we do?

We must realize that this is all part of our evolutionary design. Human evolution is not yet complete. Constantly comparing, analyzing, justifying, or judging ourselves doesn’t help. The thinking mind cannot by itself break out of its limited role and function. Or as Einstein said, we cannot solve the problems we face today from the same level of consciousness that created them. So what then?

Let us examine some of the advaita teachings of ancient India to understand more clearly what this elusive journey is about. Perhaps we will find that this journey of enlightenment is not about going anywhere but recognizing where we already are, not about doing anything but anchoring more deeply into the reality of what is already here.

Discovering the Self is not difficult. It is not the end of a long tortuous path but the very beginning. The Self pervades all things and is at the very root of our awareness, thoughts and feelings. It is the sense of being that exists before thought arises and in the midst of every thought.

It is the consciousness that animates our body, the consciousness that inspire our thoughts and feelings, the consciousness that provides us with a sense of identity through the individuation of the mind. And it is the same consciousness that fills the entire universe. It is inseparable from our very existence. It is the presence we experience when we simply take a moment to be quiet, nothing more mysterious than that.

Our journey begins with the self-evident truth that this presence is who we are. This first stage of awareness is known as Self-realization. And since this same presence vibrates at the heart of everyone and everything, we are essentially not separate from each other, whether it is another person or a flower, a rock or a galaxy.

When this awareness becomes deeply established within our human experience we refer to this as enlightenment. The teachings are very clear that enlightenment is not a mystical experience to be sought or achieved, rather a deepening realization based on an accurate understanding of who we are.

This takes time. Our conditioning within the illusion of maya runs deep, and it takes awareness and effort to break out of this hypnotic web. But eventually, the ego identity diminishes and we become established in our identity as the Self.

The advaita teachings begin with the premise that before the creation of matter and life, the Self has always existed. The Self is not bound to creation, time or space. The qualities associated with the Self are Existence, Consciousness and Endlessness, and since all things that exist share these qualities, all things share a common existence.

Consciousness exists independent of matter but matter cannot exist independent of consciousness. In order for matter to exist Universal Consciousness, or Brahman, must create a reflection of Itself through the agency of Maya, the principle of projection. This creates the realm of Universal Mind, Ishwara, which expresses itself as the physical universe in the fabric of time and space.

Our essential Self, or Brahman, eternally exists before time, beyond space, and outside any definition of energy or matter. This Self possesses all the qualities we might associate with the consciousness of Creator, Spirit, or God. Like a mirror shattering into tiny pieces, each piece reflecting the whole, so Brahman projects Itself into an infinity of soul-sparks, creating the illusion of separateness and multiplicity within the realm of Matter.

Who we are therefore is the essential Self, projected into the matrix of Creation, and extending into bodies of varying density within the fabric of time and space. The human mind is a holographic reflection of the universal mind. Our sense of egoic identity is a function of this mind, and real only in the sense that a reflection in the pond derives its reality from THAT which is being reflected.

As we become aware of this truth, and learn to carry this awareness into all the circumstances of our lives, we achieve a freedom from identification with the separate ego and recognize ourselves as one with the infinite source of all things. As this recognition grows within our human experience we come into the awareness that nothing happens by chance, and that we are the creators of every aspect of our life. In this knowledge we set ourselves free.

We understand that there is no fixed reality out there in the world controlling and directing the circumstances of our lives. Rather, it is the structure and conditioning of the mind that generates the illusion of a reality separate and outside of ourselves. Morpheus might have referred to this apparent reality as the matrix.

Once we understand the nature of this matrix, we discover that we can release ourselves from the mass hypnosis that governs our human experience. We can take the red pill, unplug ourselves, and become conscious co-creators of our personal lives and of our world.

Being a co-creator in this context begins with the recognition that we are infinite beings of limitless power. This truth derives not from the limited identity of the body-mind-personality-complex but rather from an alignment with universal consciousness that is our essential Self.

If we are one with the Self, and the Self pervades all things, we are no longer subject to the fears, illusions and perceptions of the mental ego. We learn that existence is multidimensional, and that as we allow this multidimensional force to move through us, we gain access to a synchronistic flow of life, generating ripples of creativity, beauty and joy wherever we go.

We cannot be creator and victim at the same time. As we deepen into our identity as the Self, we no longer experience ourselves as victims of circumstances or subservient to the powers that be. A self-harmonizing force begins to emanate through us capable of touching all the people and circumstances of our lives.

Enlightenment then is not an escape from our own dysfunctional relationships with ourselves and the world. It is about taking responsibility for the divine fullness that we are, going beyond the borders of our mental conditioning and emotional prejudices, and entering into a higher spiral of evolution as global citizens and universal humans.

(Excerpt from Gaia Luminous: Emergence of the New Earth, by Kiara Windrider)

The American Coup d’Etat

It doesn’t take a political genius to figure out what’s been going on with the US election drama in the past months, not unless the mainstream media is one’s only source of news, which for many has unfortunately become the propaganda machine for a deeply disturbing war on sanity being fought around the world today.

Whatever you may personally think about Donald Trump, he won the electoral vote on November 8, 2016. After the recount fiasco initiated by Jill Stein in three states, and the blatant election fraud that it exposed on the part of the DNC, some have conjectured that he also won the popular vote.

There is currently an attempt underway to overturn Trump’s victory by declaring him “unfit for office”, twisting the arm of the electoral college to vote for Hillary Clinton instead. The reasons for this keep changing so fast it would put any chameleon to shame, with the most recent being the allegation that it was Russian hacks that intervened to provide Trump his election victory.

So what is really going on?

I have learned to my dismay that I cannot trust anything I hear on the mainstream media anymore, and that I always need to look beneath the surface if I wish to understand what is really going on in global governance.

Underneath all the distractions and deceptions of the media propaganda machine, there are two things that stand out for me. One is that none of this has to do with individual candidates, whether democrat or republican, conservative or liberal, but rather originates from the ‘deep state’, by whatever name we choose to call this, which has been trying to run the show for several decades now, with an agenda for outright global domination and control.

As exposed by John Perkins in Confessions of an Economic Hitman, there has been a shadow government operating behind the scenes, sometimes referred to as the ‘oligarchy’, ‘cabal’ or the ‘new world order’, which has been in the business of toppling nations and economies for a long time now, whether in Central or South America, Southeast Asia, Africa or the Middle East, and recently extending into Europe and the US as well. This is usually initiated through bribery and debt creation through ‘economic hitmen’ and ‘jackals’, operating through multi-national corporations supported by agencies such as the CIA. If these efforts failed the next step was to either plot an assassination or stage a military invasion and takeover with the intention of installing a puppet regime more in alignment with US corporate interests.

The US has invaded 70 countries since its inception. It is involved in armed conflicts within 134 countries right now. 37 countries around the world have experienced direct military intervention or CIA-initiated coups since World War 2, with an estimated 20 or 30 million people killed as a result. When Americans naively question why it is that so many around the world ‘hate America’, is it possible these are some of the reasons why?

The events of 9-11 became a ‘new Pearl Harbour’, justification for a series of dominos falling in the Middle East. General Wesley Clark, Sr, revealed how the US had targeted the destruction of 7 countries in 5 years, using the ‘terrorist’ attacks on the world trade center as a pretext.

The list includes Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, and Sudan, ending with Iran. Most of the countries on this list have already been devastated, with additional attacks in Afghanistan, Sudan, Yemen and Pakistan under Obama. But unfortunately for the NWO agenda, Syria has become a stumbling stone in the plan for global control, with Russia, China and Iran stepping in to say ‘enough’.

Which brings me to the second point of this essay. With the advent of the internet and wikileaks, and with an increasing number of courageous whistleblowers daring to speak out, people around the world are beginning to wake up to what’s going on. This includes people in the United States, who are being affected economically, and reacting to ever-greater restrictions on personal freedom. As more and more people become aware of these draconian agendas, the ‘deep state’ is feeling increasingly threatened. Its power lies in secrecy and the ability to manipulate people through ignorance and fear. But as people begin to see through this, educate themselves, and say ‘enough’, it has brought the ‘deep state’ to the verge of collapse.

How does Donald Trump fit into all this? Unlike recent American presidents, and presidential candidates such as Hillary Clinton, it seems that he does not serve the interests of the New World Order. He is a wild card, an outsider to the system, not privy to the secret manipulations and control dramas served up by the CIA and shadow government.

I watched a talk by Donald Trump some time ago where he is directly confronting the New World Order. I was stunned. This wasn’t the Donald I was being conditioned to ridicule and hate. As I began to pursue this further I was astounded to discover a man who was truly articulate and dedicated to ‘draining the swamp’, not just corruption in Washington but including the shameful history of invasions, political meddling, and regime changes around the world.

All this made him a threat to the old order, and he was targeted accordingly. There has been a noticeable bias within American intelligence agencies towards attacking Trump while excusing far greater crimes on the part of his opponents. The media has obediently followed suit, focusing on Trump’s tax returns, while excusing the terrorist groups funded through the Clinton Foundation, repeatedly bashing Trump’s behaviors and lewd locker room conversations, demeaning as they admittedly are towards women and minorities, but ignoring the much more serious pedophilic rings and satanic rites associated with the Clinton dynasty recently uncovered through the Pizzagate investigations.

Why is the focus more on the identity of hackers who uncovered Hillary Clinton and John Podesta’s emails rather than on the treasonous and criminal activities they reveal? Why blame Russia and Putin for attempting to eradicate ISIS in Syria while ignoring the ones who created these terror organizations under cover of the CIA and Clinton Foundation? And most recently, why put so much emphasis on CIA allegations of Russians hacking into US elections (whether true or not) when they themselves have a long history of directly manipulating and meddling in legitimate elections in scores of countries worldwide?

It seems that distraction and misdirection have become standard practices within the mainstream media today, and the recent Washington Post article claiming that Russian hacks were behind Trump’s election victory is no exception. But let’s go back to why Donald Trump is such a threat to the Cabal that they are willing to go to any lengths to get rid of him.

The oligarchs know that the only way they can survive in these times is by creating another war. The ‘fractional reserve’ banking system, which is their source of power, is close to collapsing, and they understand that a time of reckoning is at hand where many of them could end up behind bars. They are desperate to stay in power by using weapons of mass deception as they always have, desperate to create another war to distract people from the issues at hand and curtail their power to fight back. And this time the war they wish to create is with Russia, even knowing how foolish and suicidal this is likely to be.

Hillary would give them this war, along with continued wars in the Middle East. But Donald will not. And therefore he is ‘unfit for office’ and needs to be deposed, no matter what it takes.

First there was election fraud. The DNC succeeded in keeping Bernie Sanders out of the primaries. But it didn’t work with Trump. He had too much support going for him and there weren’t enough dead people and illegal aliens voting for Hillary to tip the scales. Apparently the pre-election polls were so skewed that the DNC miscalculated the scale of hacking that would be required. The recount drama initiated by Jill Stein only proved the extent of this DNC fraud, with voter irregularities in Wayne County, Michigan leading lawmakers to question whether Hillary really did win the popular vote. And now there is the attempt to influence the electoral college to dump Trump for Clinton.

I don’t think for a minute that this will succeed, any more than previous attempts have. The collective consciousness has shifted and will no longer allow the old agendas for deceit, war and global fascism. It is the last gasp of a multi-headed hydra, which has already been mortally wounded. But we need to be aware of what’s going on, and do our part in holding a big picture perspective so we can help in the co-creation of a peaceful prosperous earth. I do understand that Donald Trump is not a knight in shining armor, that there is much that he himself is still blind to, but I also feel he is worthy of our hopes as we approach the end of a long era of global tyranny.

Please watch these, and anything you can find by John Pilger, Paul Craig Roberts, and Noam Chomsky:

Donald Trump: America’s Brexit

By Kiara Windrider

November 9, 2016

There are big shockwaves hitting America and the world right now. Contrary to mainstream expectations and opinion polls Donald Trump has won the presidency by a minor landslide. Many feel a despair and deep pain as they visualize four years of sexist remarks, narcissistic posturing, and belligerent racism. Others are experiencing the elation of being victorious over powerful dynasties and special interest groups. Many feel angry and betrayed by Hillary Clinton and the DNC for having stolen the primaries from Bernie Sanders who, in all likelihood, could have trounced Trump. Some are feeling unsafe in their own country and talking about heading for Canada. Others feel this is the first step towards taking back the constitution from the control of a corporate banking mafia that has hijacked the American people.

For myself, more than specific events and outward appearances, I tend to measure global events in light of powerful evolutionary forces moving through the planetary field today. I also tend to look at global politics from the perspective of an underlying New World Order agenda, which goes beyond a single country or a single political party or a single election result. Where does the current election fit into the big picture? For those who feel despairing, is there a message of hope to be found here? For others who feel elated, where is the journey ultimately taking us? Is there a perspective that could offer both hope and direction for all of us?A year ago I was speaking with someone who had once worked for the NSA, which has over the years been steadfastly accumulating a massive database not only on individual people around the world, but also on global trends. According to him, there was a turning point that took place in the summer of 2015, where the collective consciousness of humanity chose to no longer be controlled by a small group of elites, but to free themselves from the policies of oppression and fear that have plagued the planet for endless cycles of history.

Things do seem to have accelerated greatly since then. It began with major challenges in the face of New World Order agendas for escalating wars in the Middle East. Shortly after this came Brexit, which for many represented a break from a corporate takeover of the European Union. There has been a growing sense in many European countries that the EU no longer represents co-operation and mutual relationships within these member nations but has come to represent corporate tyranny, resulting in the bankruptcy of many of these member nations. Many countries in Europe are beginning to consider a similar move now.

There is a similar trend with the elections in the United States. Trump’s victory was just as unexpected as the Brexit vote. Just as the EU has played member nation against member nation for the benefit of an elite group of banking corporations, the cartels working behind the political curtains of the United States has tended to create a similar state of division and fear, which as we all know, is a brilliantly effective means for controlling an unthinking population.

There was a time many had become obsessed with the Pepsi vs Coca Cola debate, before coming to the realization they were both owned by the same people. The Democrats and the Republicans are likewise pitted against each other, but are both owned by the same dynasties, who have taken great care to groom and select their own candidates to fulfill their unique elitist agendas, while staging a grand pretense of democracy.

Independent candidates don’t stand a chance within this system. I don’t believe there has been a true Independent movement since John F Kennedy, not until the entry of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump into the arena of presidential politics.

And this is what gives me hope for American politics. Bernie Sanders spoke often about the 99 percent, those who had been asleep but were now awakening in order to take back their power from the ruling oligarchs. But then to the shock of his supporters, he himself was thrown under the bus. We may never know exactly what happened behind the scenes, but he ended up endorsing the very same corrupt system that seemed to have used innumerable counts of election fraud to steal the nomination from him.

Whenever there is a significant wave created in the collective, someone else always rises up in order to carry it forward again. Nobody expected this person to be Donald Trump. But it seems to me that this loose cannon whom many had demonized as a belligerent narcissistic sociopath suddenly stepped into the vacuum that Bernie had vacated, and became a champion for ‘draining the swamp’ of corporate corruption that has became rampant through much of Washington. The Clinton Foundation and its ties with terror groups in the Middle East and North Africa, is a prime example of this corruption. Trump certainly is no angel and has his own dark shadows, but he has displayed an enormous courage in confronting the corporate interests that Bernie also passionately tried to resist.

As such, Trump represents for me someone who despite his faults is being used by the power of light to effect radical change within a deeply entrenched oligarchical system. Some have equated him with Hitler. I disagree. Unlike Hillary, he has repeatedly stated his desire to halt the endless wars in the Middle East, to work with international leaders through diplomacy rather than force, to stop TPP and similar trade agreements that would place absolute power in the hands of trade corporations instead of small businesses and ordinary people, and to ban fracking with all its attendant risks and abuses.

He is committed to ‘draining the swamp’. Perhaps he still has a long way to go before he can embrace the kind of clear vision that Jill Stein possesses. But it does seem to me that if enough people get behind him to support these progressive agendas, while at the same time continuing to challenge his more extremist tendencies, that this could be exactly we need at this point in our journey towards sovereignty and freedom. Perhaps it takes someone of his belligerent nature to confront the powerful forces he has chosen to expose.

Many liberals have assumed that the only people who could support Trump are the so-called ‘deplorables’, white supremacists prone to sexism and violence, uneducated ‘rednecks’, and political conservatives. I don’t see this being true anymore. There are many thinking, caring, environmentally and socially conscious people, including women, who have supported Trump simply because he represented a way out of the neo-conservative ‘swamp’ that has plagued US domestic politics and foreign policy in recent times.

Just as Bernie Sanders was an Independent who chose to run under the Democratic ticket, it seems to me that Donald Trump is essentially an Independent who chose to run under the Republican ticket. The fact that neither the Democrat nor the Republican party nor their corporate owners like him a whole lot could be a point in his favor, since it essentially means he is not controlled by the globalist forces that have ruthlessly manipulated political and economic interests behind the curtain.

I still don’t particularly care for some of Donald Trump’s qualities as a person, but I feel that a direct result of his election victory could be a massive de-escalation of tensions in the Middle East and elsewhere, a rallying point for many around the world who are tired of unending wars and corporate injustice. I realize that those not aware of the New World Order agenda may disagree with this assessment, but I do feel that voting for any candidate who is not a direct mouthpiece for this elitist agenda is a vote towards a safer and more peaceful world. I would certainly have preferred Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein in the role of President, but I do believe Donald Trump is a safer option than Hillary Clinton would have been.

Again, I am aware that not everyone might agree with this assessment. There is the tale of the five blind men and the elephant, the moral of the story being that there could be many equally valid perspectives for any given truth. Still, regardless of who might have won, and how anyone might feel about this, I see that people are beginning to awaken, to look behind the curtain at the forces driving the system, and choosing to work towards justice, truth and freedom for all.

These coming times may not be easy. The divide runs deep, and there is much to be healed in the human collective before the new energies can be grounded. But the wave of awakening cannot be stopped no matter what. And this is what gives me hope today.

Walking the Razor’s Edge

November 4, 2016

I have a keen interest in many arenas of life, ranging from astrophysics to ancient history to deep psychology to geopolitics to metaphysics to systems theory to climate change to evolutionary biology to a deep passionate desire to help create a better world for us all.

I tend to be a synthesizer. I find that the more I learn about any one field the more it opens me up to understanding the big picture, and this provides me with unfolding perspectives to reflect on our place as tiny humans in this vast universe.

In the past weeks leading up to the US elections I have tended to focus my attention on the political front, recognizing that the political agendas of the united states have always had a direct and disproportionate effect on the rest of the world. While most of the news media goes into flaps about personality traits and relatively peripheral issues, my own instincts have been to measure these realities in context of decades of geopolitical history as well as environmental sustainability on a planet that is rapidly barreling towards extinction. From a big picture perspective I see that there are agendas going on behind the curtain which have little to do with the distractions and distortions of conditioned social awareness.

We have reached a critical point in our human path of destiny. Planetary ecosystems are being poisoned, sovereign nations are being invaded and destroyed, our beautiful minds are being turned into mush through endless wars of propaganda and mass deception.

I have lived in places that have experienced great violence and suffering. I have seen people dying around me. I have listened to stories that turned my stomach in outrage and pain. I have wished to understand the underlying causes of this endless human misery and do my best to make a positive difference in the world.

Those who are willing to look behind the screen of deception and denial have often pointed towards a shadowy hand operating behind the curtain, by whatever name we choose to call this. George Orwell warned us about this many decades ago. Those courageous souls who have stood up against lies and injustice are often dismissed by the mass media as conspiracy theorists, as if ridiculing something makes it somehow untrue. Yes, it is childish to look for monsters under every single nook and cranny, but it is equally dangerous to put our heads in the sand and resign ourselves to become cannon fodder for an overarching agenda that does not have our planetary good at heart.

We are entering a time when the curtains of mass illusion are being pulled aside, sometimes too quickly for those who would prefer to stay under the safe covers of denial. It is certainly not an easy process, especially for those who have been hurt and wounded by this same system. We are moving past the adolescence of human history, past our collective apathy and indifference. We are moving towards a time when we are each called to be agents of change, to create the conditions where our children and our children’s children can hold their heads high when they think back on us, and what we as a generation are choosing to birth into existence.

And this is why I choose to share these reflections, and to post on facebook. It is easy to avoid controversy by playing safe. Facebook is full of cute kittens and beautiful landscapes, and that’s all very wonderful. But I have also seen how the act of questioning our collective illusions can rouse up deep defensive shadows and fears.

There are times I forward articles and make comments that have a political bias. The nature of politics, just as with religion, is that we tend to get identified with one particular bias and then attack ideologies or people that we disagree with. I am not immune to this myself. I would like to think that our journey of truth is about examining all the different sides, looking at the big picture, and then choosing a path that offers the most hope and sanity in a landscape that is not always black and white. We have a news media owned by the same shadowy sources that script unending wars of terror and violence around the planet. There are many layers of disinformation or outright lies to sort through. Where do we seek for truth?

I do the best I can to keep a discerning mind and open heart as I wade through these troubling landscapes. There is a lot out there in the alternative media. I share what I learn because I believe we need to stand together and learn from each other’s wisdom if we are to succeed in the task of breaking through the illusions and the fears that have controlled us for all these years of human history.

There are times I communicate more skillfully than at other times. There are times I may read the winds wrongly or get distracted by something which turns out to be insignificant. For this I sincerely apologize. And I value the range of feedback I receive from those in the facebook community who share my journey of awakening consciousness.

But there are times when I am shocked by the vehemence I encounter from people I otherwise have a lot in common with. I understand that this is part of our journey of awakening too, the venting and releasing of the same pent up energies that are being mirrored in the election dramas going on around us. It is how we first glimpse our own hidden betrayals and pain, and allow these to emerge into the light.

But I would encourage each one of us to be mindful of these tendencies, and not carelessly project them onto each other. Do your own research. Follow the links. Don’t get too attached to a position. Examine the big picture. Be willing to go down a rabbit hole deeper than you might imagine, especially when it comes to political games. Dare to question. Share what you discover. But don’t shoot the messenger. Let us keep in mind that what each of us truly wishes, despite our human tendency to ‘take sides’ in this great drama, is to return to a place of empowerment and balance, in service to the planet as a living organism, and to all her people that no longer wish to suffer through lives of meaningless desperation, injustice, paralysis and fear.

Trumping over Hillary

October 26, 2016

Some people have read my recent posts and assumed I am excusing Trump for his biased stances and hateful behaviors, his adolescent personality and badass attitudes. What about his demeaning statements towards women and minorities? What about his narcissistic, bullying arrogance? Why hasn’t he declared his income taxes?

No, I do not condone these behaviors and attitudes, but I no longer see this as the ultimate issue. Let’s broaden our perspectives to go beyond black and white positions. Trump’s lewd locker room gropes and comments have no resemblance to Bill Clinton’s rapes and sexual predation. His avoidance of taxes cannot compare to the criminality of the Clinton Foundation. Where Hillary calls for war against Russia, Trump advocates co-operation and diplomacy. Where Hillary wishes to continue US hegemony in the Middle East at the behest of her neocon handlers, Trump wants to pull back US troops and focus on fixing the domestic scene. Where Hillary has become a voice for Wall Street, Trump is calling on people ‘to make America great again’ by taking back the constitution and throwing out corruption in Washington. Where Hillary has chosen to advocate the TPP and other trade deals that benefit corporations and big business, Trump advocates bringing jobs back to the people.

I may not appreciate a lot of things about Trump, but these are things I can get behind.

These are pivotal times for the USA and for the planet. It is a time where more people desire peace than ever before, where more are becoming aware of dire environmental realities than ever before, and where more people are waking up to how a small group of shadowy characters behind the scenes has been attempting to take over and control the world.

So it is imperative for me to look behind the curtain, examine hidden agendas that are not reported in the mainstream American media, and make choices based on what’s good for the planet as a whole. Granted, I would love to see Jill Stein as President, and would personally give her my vote any day of the week. But if we are forced to make a choice between the two primary candidates, I do see Trump as the saner alternative. Please take a look at this short, very powerful speech:

I never thought I would be saying this. Like many people around the world, I have been scared and turned off by many of Trump’s statements and behaviors, and wondered often what he reflects in the dark American psyche, or even the collective human psyche. But misinformed as he may be in some ways, and crude as some of his statements have been, I also see in him a defender for the people in much the same way that Bernie Sanders was. Perhaps it takes someone of his abrasive and belligerent personality to take on the monsters that have been buried in the political closets of Washington.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, seems to be very much in bed with Goldman Sachs, Wall Street, and the banking cartels. While publicly pretending to be the voice of the people, she has given her allegiance to everything that Bernie Sanders stood against.

The Clinton Foundation has become an undercover pipeline for instigating and funding numerous and dangerous wars in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and North Africa. As Wikileaks, Project Veritas, and many whistleblowers are now revealing publicly, it is the Clinton Foundation that has funded many terrorist organizations around the world, including Al Nusrah and ISIS, often as an outcome of secretive deals made with other imperialist nations in the Middle East. This is more than adolescent personality and badass attitude; this is ugly, dangerous, and treasonous.

I become suspicious when the dynasties controlling the global banking systems, known for promoting absolute financial and political domination, and for fueling wars of terror around the world, come out in open support of her financially and through the mainstream media. I become worried when as Secretary of State she habitually resorts to force rather than diplomacy in international affairs. I become incensed when these same banking cartels that control one of the largest military complexes in the world invade other countries and install puppet regimes in the name of freedom and democracy. It’s bad enough going after small countries like Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Ukraine and Syria, which don’t have the resources to fight back. But when Hillary proclaims her willingness to engage in first-strike military attacks on Russia, China and Iran, who are now choosing to stand together in order to resist US hegemony in Syria and elsewhere, I get more than worried, I become frightened.

Perhaps we should all be feeling a little frightened right now. Are we willing to disengage from the soap operas being dangled in front of our eyes, get back stage, and see what is really going on in the hard game of global politics? Do we see how close we have come to becoming a fascist police state? Or how close we have come to a third world war and nuclear extinction? Can we see that what is at stake here is more than foolish barbs slung back and forth in national debates, but ultimately the survival of humanity and the earth?

For the increasing number of people who are willing to do this, let us not be drawn into petty arguments about tax evasion and bawdy sexist comments. Let us look behind the curtain instead and carefully examine the globalist and fascist agendas that the New World Order represents, and who their presidential mouthpiece might be. We do not have much time left. If we wish to preserve what remaining rights we still have as sovereign people, this is the opportunity we are given.

I personally would still vote for Jill Stein, because I hear more truth spoken by her than I ever have from any politician. But for those who feel they have to choose between the lesser of two evils, however rigged the elections might be, I am suggesting that perhaps this may not be Hillary after all. And I am inviting us to look at the big picture and keep our eyes open.

The mainstream media tends to ridicule big picture thinking, referring to this as ‘conspiracy theory’. But to ridicule something doesn’t necessarily make it untrue. For those of you willing to go backstage, there is much good information out there from extremely reputable people, and perhaps the following video interview with Dr Paul Craig Roberts,, or this one with Andy Hoffman,, might be good places to begin.

The US Elections and Weapons of Mass Deception

by Kiara Windrider (Oct 14, 2016)


“If Trump and Hillary are stranded on a boat in the middle of the ocean and it sinks, who would survive?”

The answer? “America. America would survive!”

Unfortunately, there is more than a grain of truth in that little joke. Although I tend to stay away from political debates for the most part, it feels important to share some perspectives as a world citizen about the elections coming up in the USA less than a month away.

There have never been two candidates more heartily disliked in the history of this nation. Many people I have spoken with say they will vote for Hillary, however untrustworthy, because they think Trump is lewd, narcissistic, belligerent and sociopathic. Others will vote for Trump, however obnoxious, because they think Hillary is evil, psychopathic, deceitful and dangerous. Each group is convinced they are voting for the lesser of two evils.

What are the real issues here?

Perhaps the place to begin is to recognize that we do not have a functional democracy in this country. Why is the massive election fraud that unfairly eliminated Bernie Sanders in the primaries so quickly and conveniently forgotten? Why are third party candidates such as Jill Stein and Gary Johnson never allowed to participate in debates, nor given media exposure?

While our attention is focused on Trump’s lewd locker room comments, Bill Clinton’s rape history, and Hillary’s fraudulent email servers, while people get into hyped up indignation and mud slinging over personality defects, there are far greater issues that are being deliberately swept under the rug by a mainstream media heavily controlled by shadowy groups pulling strings behind the scenes.

As long as our attention is fixated on mud slinging and personal transgressions, the bigger issues remain hidden. These hidden agendas are much bigger than most people realize, and it is imperative that we wake up and understand what these are if we are to survive and thrive, not just as a country, but as a planet.

How many people realize how close we are to a global economic collapse? Or to the threshold of nuclear war? Do we seriously grasp the implications of a Trans Pacific Partnership, if passed? Or the connection between fracking, methane, firestorms, and earthquake activity?

Even the mainstream media has declared that the ideals of democracy no longer function in the USA. The political system, much like the media itself, is owned by the same corporations and banking systems that run this country, corporations who have already pre-selected the candidate they have groomed for President, and will do everything in their immense web of power and deception to ensure that this takes place.

Hillary Clinton is the candidate elect of the globalist system. Bernie Sanders never had a chance. They did not expect that he would receive so much popular support, and so he got effectively derailed. As recently released transcriptions of Clinton’s speeches to Wall Street bankers make clear, she has become the voice of corporate power pretending to be the voice of the people.

The ruling powers have fostered a continuing war in the Middle East and North Africa to serve their own interests, whether it be for oil, weapons, profits, power, or land. It has become blatantly clear to many people that the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya were provoked by the same globalist agenda, which also deliberately created terror groups to destabilize nations such as Syria.

This has nothing to do with Democrat or Republican party lines. The Bushes and the Clintons have been equally pawns for the globalist agenda. How many people are aware that it was the Bush dynasty that funded the Nazi regime during World War 2? Or that the Clinton Foundation has been brokering deals with Saudi Arabia to destabilize the democratically elected government of Syria, including the creation and funding of terrorist groups such as Al Nusra and ISIS, as well as provoking wars with Russia and neighboring countries, all of which is not only a human rights outrage but could easily flare up into World War 3?

In an interview with Amy Goodman in 2007, retired General Wesley Clark revealed a secret plan to take out seven countries in 5 years, starting with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, and finishing off with Iran. It was Hillary Clinton in her role as Secretary of State under President Obama, who was given the mandate to implement this plan, first initiated by President Bush immediately after the events of 9/11.

A number of these countries have been sacked already through proxy wars, resulting in the collapse of their economies and forced regime change, followed by widespread humanitarian and refugee crises. However, there have been significant snags encountered in Syria, where the leaders of Russia, China and Iran have rallied with Syria to stand together in opposition to this globalist plan.

What became painfully obvious in the second presidential debate is that with all the rhetoric about Russia and the Syrian government targeting civilians in Aleppo, demonizing both Assad and Putin in the process, neither of the candidates came close to a truth which is well understood by the rest of the world. The battle of Aleppo has been a concerted attempt on the part of the Syrian Army, with air support from Russia, to take back Aleppo from the control of ISIS, a terror organization that has been secretly funded by Saudi Arabia, in collusion with the CIA, and with the full compliance of Hillary Clinton who stood to gain $25 million through the Clinton Foundation as a direct ‘donation’ from the Saudis.

What is little known by most Americans is that the real purpose of these negotiations between Saudi Arabia and the Clinton Foundation was to create the conditions for President Assad to be overthrown and replaced by someone who was more compliant to the Saudi plan for building a pipeline between Saudi Arabia and Europe running through Syria, an agenda that would not have benefited the Syrian people and was understandably refused by Assad.

So the larger question we must ask ourselves in these dangerous times is not which candidate comes out better in a mud slinging contest, but which candidate is more likely to promote and continue this reckless aggressive globalist agenda through any means including a major world war. The fact that Hillary Clinton is their chosen candidate, along with her hawkish track record as Secretary of State, her blatant intention to push for war with Russia and fuel the powder kegs in the Middle East, along with revelations surfacing about massive corruption through the Clinton Foundation, are overwhelming reasons I would NOT vote for her. The fact that Donald Trump is a wild card feared and shunned by the globalists is the main reason, and perhaps the only reason, that I would give him my vote instead.

But it doesn’t have to come down to such a pathetic choice. Ultimately, it is about breaking the chains of the two-party system and encouraging a true voice of the people. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate has spoken out against fracking, against globalist agendas such as TPP, and against a continuing war of terror. She supports a responsible program for dealing with climate change, for social reform, human rights, and renewable energy soures. She is a woman of heart and passion, and speaks more truth than I have heard spoken by any political figure in recent memory.

I don’t know if we can generate enough public support for her to win in the brief time remaining before the elections. I do know that Hillary Clinton is a pawn for an insane globalist agenda that is waging a last ditch attempt to maintain its power in a changing world. Knowing this, I would suggest that people vote their conscience, and invest in a green future, discarding the prevailing logic of voting for either of the primary candidates out of fear of the other coming into power. The tyranny of globalism is rapidly collapsing. Our job as servants of light is to use the power of our unified intention to create a resonance wave rippling out throughout the planet as a rising tide of beauty and hope.

The change we all know is possible will not come from the top down, but from the groundswell of the people, rising up in solidarity for what has always mattered most – peace, freedom, sovereignty and love, protecting the well-being of all life, ensuring that our every action reflects the awareness that we are all inextricably linked and divinely part of the One Spirit that moves through all things.

I don’t believe in living life in fear, or voting for somebody out of fear, or building walls out of fear. We are called to be peacemakers and lovers of this beautiful green earth. I believe this means opening our hearts and our minds to a deeper awareness of what’s happening around us so that we can consciously and responsibly pull ourselves back from the brink of imminent war, social collapse, and global catastrophe. We are too close to the edge of self-created doom to sit the fence anymore. We owe this not only to ourselves but to our children, and to our children’s children, and to the countless silent voices that inhabit this planet along with us.