Experiments with ‘Divine Light’

Ilahinoor is a cosmic evolutionary energy

Like many other such energies sweeping the planet today, its purpose is to help humanity awaken to its infinite potential.  Astrophysicist Paul LaViolette refers to the galactic superwave emanating from the super-charged center of our Milky Way galaxy, which pulses through our solar system every 10 to 15 thousand years.  Although this superwave, traveling close to the speed of light, has not reached us here in our solar system yet, it seems that we could be in the preparatory phases for it. Our bodies, hearts, and minds are being gradually re-wired in anticipation of the rather sudden evolutionary energies that may shortly be coming our way.

The purpose of these cosmic pulses, by whatever name we refer to them, is to raise the molecular frequencies of all matter in our solar system, a process that some refer to as Ascension.  This also correlates with a shift of consciousness being experienced on all planets in our solar system, including of course, here on Earth.

One function of these new frequencies in humans is that they activate dormant functions within our nervous system and brain, resulting in the experience of multi-dimensional consciousness.  Simultaneously, this activates new codes within our DNA which then begins a process of transformation within the human species.

Ilahinoor refers to a process of integrating these cosmic evolutionary energies for the purpose of awakening.  Evolution has a way of proceeding very gradually for long periods of time and then suddenly taking a quantum leap.  We are now evolving from a species focused on physical survival, competitiveness, and aggression to a species where it is possible to integrate the frequencies of soul directly within the brain and nervous system.

Barbara Marx Hubbard refers to this emerging species as homo universalis, the universal human.  Rather than being trapped in a linear dimension of the time-space continuum, we will ultimately experience ourselves as multi-dimensional beings able to move around in time and space at will, unfettered by perceived limitations of disease, aging, and death.

For many years I have felt that our spiritual work was all about embodying our divine consciousness within these bodies of matter.  As I continued using Ilahinoor with groups all over Turkey, Europe, and India, hundreds of people reported that they were experiencing, often for the very time in their lives, the ability to maintain expanded states of consciousness while being very consciously present in their physical bodies.

While first working with the Ilahinoor energy I was somewhat cautious, reluctant to share this with too many people.  Likewise, I was discouraging people from sharing these energies with the larger public without first monitoring the results with themselves and one or two others.  As people began to share experiences we were all amazed by the power and potential of this energy.  Interestingly, people who had only recently experienced the energies were having the same kinds of results as those who had first received this.  We began to realize that we were tapping into a vast and powerful morphogenetic field, perhaps related to J.J. Hurtak’s ‘axiatonal lines’.  We also began to experience that anyone could access as well as transmit this to others.

As we continued experimenting with these energies, we would have people working in pairs.  We would first show people where these points were located.  There is a sensitive area just above the occipital ridge which serves as a gateway to the old brain, which seems to be where a lot of our subconscious and superconscious energies can be accessed. We would first have people find the Gall Bladder 20 acupuncture points along the occipital ridge on both sides of the vertebral column. Then, about 3 or 4 cm up from there they would find a ‘hollow’, usually a sensitive or sore spot for most people.

After first gazing into each other’s eyes to make a soul contact, the ‘giver’ would hold these points on the ‘receiver’ with one hand, and with the other hand cover the receiver’s forehead. Both people would connect with their higher selves, tune into the Ilahinoor Field, and invite the energy to come through, while holding whatever intention they wished to manifest in accordance with their highest good. If they wished to invite their own Masters, angels, or guides, or any aspect of the One that they felt a resonance with, they could do that as well.

The giver would hold the points for a few minutes or as long as they felt intuitively guided, and then the receiver would take a few minutes to stay in this receptive silence.  Afterwards, they would reverse places, and the receiver would become the giver.  Interestingly, many said they felt more intense energies channeling through them while ‘giving’ Ilahinoor than while ‘receiving’ it.

As the work evolved, we were guided to add another hand position to this ‘ilahinoor bridge’.  After holding the contact between the old brain and the new brain for a few minutes, and then very slowly releasing the physical contact, we would place our hands in a blessing position over the crown chakra.  Rather than physically touching the head, it felt more effective to work with the stream of light above the head, ‘adjusting’ it as needed so that this divine light could be fully anchored into the physical and subtle bodies.

An additional piece came later.  In the ayurvedic tradition, there are three kinds of energy flows that can be utilized in hands on healing – vertical, horizontal, and diagonal.  The diagonal flows, which mirror the flow of kundalini moving up the spine, are the most powerful.  In order to deepen the integration of this cosmic energy, we began to work with the major joints in a diagonal sequence, ending with grounding both feet together, and then finally moving on to the adjustment at the crown.

We also experimented with circle healings, where several people would work together on one person lying in the center of the circle. We experimented with long-distance Ilahinoor, both for healing and as an initiation, which for many people felt equally powerful!  We also experimented with people calling in the energy on their own, sitting or lying in meditation, breathing gently and fully, holding the points on their own heads if they felt the need to, letting the energy pour through as a liquid golden light directly from their Higher Self. They could hold a specific intention if they wished, or simply surrender to their higher self to guide the process.

Our trip to Egypt added a new depth to my understanding of Ilahinoor.  I realized that this ancient morphogenetic field was created through the unified intention of the neters, the divine pantheon of old Egypt.  These divine personalities are reflected within our own human psyches.  As we open to the unified light of Ilahinoor, we receive whichever divine quality is most needed in that moment, so we can ultimately weave them together as an expression of the divine manifesting through us.

Our visit to the temple of Abydos provided some exciting confirmation for what we were doing.  While we were in the healing room dedicated to Isis, we noticed certain hand positions in the images on the temple walls which corresponded exactly to the Ilahinoor hand positions.

As we searched through the Abydos complex three hand positions came up consistently.  The ‘Ilahinoor bridge’ and ‘crown adjustment’ we had already been working with.  The third hand position we noticed on several occasions was the tip of the little finger held against the center of the forehead.

We experimented with this hand position in a group of 50 people during my next seminar in Switzerland a few days afterwards.  At the end of the Ilahinoor sequence, the giver would place the little finger of one hand over the third eye of the receiver, with the other hand pointing straight down towards Mother Earth.  People felt a huge opening within their heart chakras, and also the sense that light was being anchored on a deep cellular level.  The intensity of the light was often so strong that many found it difficult to move their bodies for some time afterwards.

This seems to be a final capstone in the current evolution of this work.  One participant pointed out that the heart meridian runs along the little finger, which may explain how this ‘pinkie activation’ evolved. Another participant experienced her heart chakra shifting from the center of her chest slightly towards the right, which interestingly, is where the enlightened sage Ramana Maharishi considered the location of the spiritual heart.