Approaching Year Zero – Part Three

By Kiara Windrider
January 15, 2013

In the dawning of a new sky, gathered with about twelve hundred people in the ancient temple site of Uxmal in Yucatan, Mexico, I watched the gradual return of light on the shortest day of the year, December 21, 2012 – a day that millions had awaited with varying degrees of dread, excitement and hope. As the sun rose and set again on this last day of a long count Mayan cycle, some were left strangely disappointed that it was not as dramatic a turning point as they had hoped, while others wiped their brows in relief that it wasn’t as cataclysmic an event as they had feared.

Millions of people around the world came together on this day with a collective intention for peace, beauty, and spiritual awakening. Many reported feeling subtle shifts in the planetary fields, and deeper access to higher dimensional realities. Some, including Mayan priest Don Alejandro Cirilo, talked about the shift from a masculine worldview to a feminine worldview, a shift that would affect both men and women, and empower all of us to live in closer harmony and balance with each other and the earth.

As I indicated in earlier articles on the Year Zero theme, I feel that this time of transformation is both a gradual process and a distinct event. When I first heard Don Alejandro Cirillo mention the term ‘year zero’ many years ago he linked this to the prophecy of ‘three days of darkness’. Over a period of time I came to the conclusion that this was referring to the same phenomenon that scientists were calling a ‘magnetic reversal’. The ‘darkness’ was not about our sun suddenly turning dark in the sky above us, but about a deep sleep or ‘cocooning’ which our sense perceptions would undergo during this reversal process as we morphed into a new species of humanity. As a caterpillar genetically transforms into a butterfly, I felt that humanity was preparing for its own metamorphosis into the ‘divine human’ in response to a ‘supramental descent’ of galactic light.

Some research I came across recently opens up further door of possibility that I find equally fascinating and exciting. Extrapolating on Dewey B. Larson’s book, Universe in Motion, (see also,, and a scientific researcher who prefers to simply call himself Daniel, ( contends that our conventional understanding of astronomy is literally all backward.

Conventional astronomy, referring to stellar evolution, describes a sequence of events where blue dwarves become yellow suns which become red giants which eventually go supernova. Larson’s theory of ‘Reciprocal Systems’, basically reverses this sequence. According to this theory, stars start out as large dust clouds; condense into red supergiants, become orange giants, then yellow and white stars, and then on to blue giants, before going supernova.

When understood rightly, claims Larson, this backward sequence provides a logical and consistent pattern of evolution which eliminates the need for a number of mathematical devices introduced by conventional astronomers to make their theories fit, including concepts such as dark matter, dark energy, even black holes and antimatter.

Instead, it opens up the doorway to a new understanding of time, space, gravitational energy and matter, which in turn creates an exciting bridge to a deeper understanding of mystical phenomena, dimensional transformation, and conscious evolution.

For instance, Larson’s theory postulates that the speed of light is not a limit, but rather a boundary. Matter is lost when an element goes faster than light, and is gained when the same element returns to speeds slower than light.  Matter is constantly crossing this boundary back and forth, and gaining or losing mass in the process. What we call radioactivity has to do with elements crossing back and forth over this boundary. When isotopes of matter travel across this boundary to move faster than light, they dissolve in a flurry of radioactivity. When they travel across this boundary to speeds slower than light, new isotopes of that element get created.

This level of creation cannot be accomplished in the kind of particle accelerators we currently possess, however. We need furnaces like solar or galactic cores, which as astrophysicist Paul LaViolette indicates in his theory of continuous evolution, are the cauldrons where new creation takes place.

Larson’s theory further postulates that just as electrons shift orbits in quantum jumps, so does stellar evolution happen in quantum shifts. These quantum shifts take place in far less time than conventional astronomy has understood, because our dating methods have to do with an incorrect understanding of radioactivity, which is the basis of most dating systems. Thus, humans have been around long enough to witness our sun jump from orange giant to yellow star, and will be around to witness our jump from yellow star to white star.

In fact, if his theory is accurate, this jump could take place in our own lifetimes. Suns feed on matter. The more matter available to a sun the hotter it gets. There is an incursion of vast amounts of cosmic dust currently beginning to enter our solar system, a phenomenon that LaViolette would explain as the result of galactic superwaves from the core of our galaxy periodically overcoming the heliopause, or magnetic shield around our solar system, and consequently letting in huge quantities of interstellar dust.

As this interstellar dust bombards our solar system, our sun would get continually hotter, and when the moment is right, make a quantum jump from its current status as a Class G yellow star into a Class F yellow-white star. Rather than obliterating the solar system in the process, however, a gravitational displacement would follow, in which the earth and other planets would be pushed out to further orbital regions. This displacement would however create a change in the vibrational frequency of earth’s matter. Just as the sun begins to enter a higher vibrational cycle of its own evolution, so would the earth and all life upon the earth shift into a different dimension, or density of vibration.

This quantum shift from a yellow star to a yellow-white star would be accompanied by intense flashes of light, and coronal mass ejections, followed by a pulse of darkness, as the sun stabilized into its new evolutionary state. Daniel conjectures that this could be the basis of the Mayan prophecy of the ‘three days of darkness’.

If this theory is accurate, it would also provide a reasonable explanation for the Mayan prophecy of the ‘second sun’, which is often linked with the prophecy of ‘three days of darkness’. I would welcome further dialogue or correction on this theme. I would conjecture that the coronal mass ejections following such a change of state on our sun would be the mechanism for a reversal of magnetic polarity on the earth. As I explain in previous articles, this magnetic reversal would in turn lead to a profound shift in the collective consciousness of humanity and all life on the planet, as we unhook from the subconscious matrix of duality and separation, and reconnect with our higher-dimensional identity as creator beings. In this expanded version of the Mayan prophecy, however, we are not talking simply talking about a shift of consciousness on the earth but a new stage of evolution for the entire solar system.

Courtney Brown is the head of the Farsight Institute, and has trained many individuals in the art of ‘remote viewing’. In a recent article, he reports an experiment where his team of psychic researchers was given two different time periods to investigate. During the first of these time periods, centered around June 1, 2008, nothing significantly out of the ordinary was reported by any of them. However, as they remote viewed conditions on earth around June 1, 2013, roughly half of the remote viewers experienced visions of extremely cataclysmic shifts and changes.

This discovery was startling enough in itself. What struck me as equally startling, however, was the fact that the other half of these highly trained remote viewers experienced nothing too different from the ordinary. Why such an extreme difference in these two groups? Could it be that on some level of consciousness we are already beginning to experience a divergence in timelines, or dimensional frequencies?

In ordinary conditions and in our current state of consciousness, we experience reality in terms of what we call linear time. But what happens when we start crossing the boundary of the speed of light, or when we start experiencing higher dimensional frequencies, either through consciously developing our intuitive or shamanic gifts, or as a result of the sun’s entry into a new state of equilibrium? Is it possible that we might then collectively begin to experience a multiplicity of timelines? Is this beginning to happen now?

There has been a dichotomy in conventional physics where the laws pertaining to the world of subatomic particles are very different from the laws pertaining to large masses such as planets, suns and galaxies. Larson’s Reciprocal System is one of a set of emerging ‘unified field theories’ that seek to provide a bridge between the microcosmic and macrocosmic worlds. In doing so we also begin to see how the physical worlds and the spiritual worlds intersect, and how third dimensional worlds and higher dimensional worlds can be understood in terms of a single spectrum of reality. It provides a basis for unifying the physical and spiritual aspects of our own being.

Could it be that the global changes we are witnessing today in response to solar and galactic forces are moving us towards a ‘critical mass’ of awakening? Human beings are evolving to a stage where we can merge the creator aspects of our being, which exists in a realm beyond time and space, with the created aspects of our being, which are anchored within the framework of time, space and matter. As we consciously choose to merge the physical body with the light body we enter the parameters of this ‘unified field’ where all things become possible. We can choose then whether we wish to continue existing in an anti-evolutionary life-denying artificially constructed duality or align ourselves with the quantum evolutionary shift currently taking place in our solar system.

Perhaps this is what ‘year zero’ is ultimately about!


Kiara Windrider, MA, is a psychotherapist, scientific and mystical researcher. He is the author of several books on the themes of personal and planetary awakening, including ‘Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift’, and ‘Ilahinoor: Awakening the Divine Human’. He can be reached through his website,


Questions to Ponder

  1. How do we test and evaluate what we hear as truth? Does the scenario outlined above resonate with your inner sense of truth?
  2. The Ojibwas have a saying, “Never confuse facts with truth”. Is it possible for scientific facts and mystical truth to coincide?
  3. Dewey B. Larson’s Reciprocal Systems theory is one of a number of recent TOE’s (Theory of Everything) that seeks to reconcile the laws of the universe on both macrocosmic and quantum levels. How would it change our concepts of human and planetary history if Dewey Larson’s theories were widely accepted as scientifically accurate?
  4. Does the scenario outlined above provide a reasonable explanation for the Mayan prophecies regarding the ‘three days of darkness’ or the ‘second sun’?
  5. Does the scenario outlined above provide a reasonable explanation for what many refer to as ‘dimensional shift’, or ‘ascension’?