Approaching Year Zero – Part One

By Kiara Windrider
August 31, 2012

As we approach the winter solstice of 2012, many seem to be struck by a feverish intensity of anticipation. For some it represents a dark scenario of doomsday and death, the end of the world as we are struck down by meteors and asteroids, or engulfed by tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic ash. For others it is the expectation of a golden age of unprecedented beauty and light which magically dawns upon the planet as we reach the end of the Mayan calendar and cross the galactic equator. For many it is just a date on the calendar like any other. And then there are endless scenarios in between.

Amidst all the hype, debates and controversies, the one thing we do know is that we are seven billion people living in a fragile planetary ecosystem which cannot for much longer sustain our current way of life. We have reached an ecological crossroads and cannot easily turn the clock back.

“Keep contaminating your bed, and one day you will suffocate in your own wastes”, said Chief Seattle in his profoundly prophetic speech more than a hundred and fifty years ago. It seems to me that we are not so far from this tipping point, and amid all the grim speculations about what could happen in countless ‘2012’ scenarios, the worst outcome I can imagine is that NOTHING changes!

Einstein reminds us that we cannot solve the extreme problems of our present age from the same level of consciousness that created them. But what if the entire field of human consciousness is about to change, and that there was a genuine basis for this? Assuming such a thing was possible, what would be the mechanism and timing for such a shift?

From the very outset, I wish to say that I don’t put too much emphasis on linear dates. I have been researching long-range evolutionary cycles for much of my life, but it is impossible to fit these cycles precisely into a linear conception of time. What I would like to offer, however, is my understandings of an integrated mechanism for what many are calling the ‘shift’, and describe how we can assist in co-creating this.

A few years ago I had gone to Guatemala with a group of people to visit some of the sacred sites of the ancient Mayas. We were fortunate to spend some time with the head of the National Council of Elders, Don Alejandro Cirilo, who shared with us his understandings of the Mayan prophecies.

We first asked him about the Mayan calendar, which he was quick to point out was not so much a linear calendar as a map of galactic frequencies. He did not wish to be pigeonholed about any specific timing for this however, and spoke instead about the thirteen prophecies that had been passed down through the generations related to the ‘shift’.

Twelve of these prophecies have already taken place, he stated. The thirteenth prophecy has to do with the time immediately preceding the ‘shift’, and involved ‘three days of darkness’. This would be a specific event, he said, not just a metaphorical symbol, and emphasized that this was not something to fear. Rather, it was a time that we have awaited for a very long time, and would change the very nature of consciousness on the planet.

The Mayans are not the only ones who speak about this ‘three days of darkness’. I have come across this theme over and over in different cultural traditions, but did not have a context to understand what this meant until I started exploring some scientific territory, specifically related to shifting magnetic fields on earth.

The earth’s magnetic field has been decreasing steadily over the past couple thousand years, a decrease that has become exponential over the last couple centuries, hitting an unprecedented low point in the past couple decades. Many scientists expect that when the conditions are right, this could lead to a temporary dissolution of the earth’s magnetic fields, followed by a magnetic pole reversal.

As I show in my book, ‘Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift’, this magnetic reversal seems to be the key to massive evolutionary leaps in planetary history. It is a cyclical process, and takes place approximately once every 12,000 years, a periodicity that can be calculated through a study of the earth’s geological records. This cycle of magnetic reversal also seems to be connected with a 12,000 year cycle of solar intensity, which in turn is linked with a 12,000 year pulse of cosmic and gamma rays emanating from the center of our galaxy.

Is it possible that when the Mayans talk about their calendar being aligned with galactic frequencies, they could be talking about this galactic pulse, what astrophysicist Dr. Paul LaViolette refers to as a ‘galactic superwave’? I believe that the Mayan calendar as well as various ancient calendar systems, mythologies, and prophecies have to do with an understanding of galactic cycles, based not on mystical prophecies of the future but on historical memories of the past.

Interestingly, scientists tell us that when the time is right, the actual reversal of magnetic polarity could happen very quickly, in a matter of a few hours or a few days. Is this the Mayan equivalent of the ‘three days of darkness’?

I would like to suggest that the ‘shift’ we are talking about is directly associated with an upcoming magnetic reversal. All life on earth is directly programmed into the magnetic fields of the earth. So what happens in that brief period of time when this magnetic field drops to zero?

Our thoughts, feelings, memories, and sense of human identity all have to do with linkages between our physical, emotional, mental and soul bodies. What happens when these linkages break down during a collapse of the magnetic field? It is very probable that during this time we would enter into a ‘sleep’ state where our physical senses no longer function in the ordinary way. Like a caterpillar entering its cocoon, an aspect of our being based on a subconscious matrix of limited human identity would begin to dissolve. And as the reversal completes itself, a planetary reset of consciousness would take place aligned with a higher spiral of consciousness.

This could well be the ‘three days of darkness’ that the Mayas talk about, not that the sun disappears from the skies but that our physical senses and sense of human identity goes through a profound shift. Our obsession with separation, suffering and duality would dissolve in preparation for a higher identity, and a higher aspect of our being would be allowed to incarnate.

Metaphorically, we could refer to this next spiral of time as ‘butterfly consciousness’. And just like a butterfly actually carries a completely different configuration of DNA from that of a caterpillar, we ourselves, along with all life on the planet, would go through biological mutations preparing our nervous systems to hold a higher vibration of our soul essence.

Biological mutations are directly linked to magnetic reversals. What scientists have discovered, from research into previous cycles, is that during the time of zero magnetics preceding a reversal, the magnetic shield surrounding the earth no longer serves as a protective barrier for incoming cosmic radiation. The radiation level on earth tends to shoot up tens of times the normal levels, leading to a massive mutation of species. This mutational process during periods of magnetic reversal is the key to the evolution of species.

Sri Aurobindo, a profoundly awakened mystic and seer who spent many decades exploring the far reaches of human consciousness, spoke often about the evolution of humanity from the animal human stage where we were governed mostly by primitive instinct, to the human human stage, where we are conditioned by the thinking mind, to the divine human stage, where we will be unified with the multidimensional presence of the soul.

It is not just about a few people waking up and getting enlightened, but a collective shift of consciousness. Our current stage of evolution is a transitional stage, says Sri Aurobindo. We are not meant to stagnate forever in a state of duality and separation. This stage was necessary as a transition from the animal human to the divine human, but the time has come now for a new species to be birthed within humanity that is capable of experiencing its multidimensional potential within the field of matter, graduating from separation and duality into unity with all life and creation.

So if this scenario is real, what could be the timing of this? Many researchers refer to our precessional crossing of the galactic equator as a significant marker in time. There are also endless mathematical speculations about transitioning from our current age of darkness into an age of light. A more relevant exploration for me is to observe what seems to be going on with the earth’s magnetic fields at this moment in time.

The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration has been gathering data about the strength and direction of earth’s magnetic field from the past 400 years or so. It is interesting to notice that not only is the earth’s magnetic field decreasing in intensity, but its north-south polar axis is also wandering significantly.

The polar axis has shifted as much in the past 50 years as it did in the 150 years prior to that, and it has travelled as much in the past 10 years as in the 50 years prior to that. There is a significant acceleration in the tilt of the polar axis, and all in the same direction. The north pole is currently moving at the rate of some 40 or 50 km every year in the direction of Siberia, which is extremely fast on a geological time scale.

What this acceleration of tilt seems to indicate is that the magnetic reversal may be close at hand. How close we actually are to this moment of reversal is anybody’s guess, but it is important for us to recognize that, rather than being passive observers, we are an active part of this process. It is not a question for me anymore whether a magnetic reversal will happen, or even a question of when it will happen. What gives me inspiration and joy during these times is the recognition that we are divine co-creators in this process, and that we can choose to shape a new world through the power of our awakened consciousness.

This to me is what Year Zero is about. As multidimensional beings there are certain aspects of our consciousness that are currently incarnated in the material realms. Meanwhile, there are other aspects of our consciousness that exist beyond time, space, and creation. Can we learn to bridge these aspects of our being so we can literally co-create a new earth in accordance with our highest dreams and visions?

This, I feel, is why we are incarnate on earth. This is our work now as we begin to awaken. May we find our way gracefully through these times from darkness to light, from despair to hope, from death to immortality.