Seminars with Kiara Windrider 2017


August 25 – Sunday, August 28
Heartful Embodiment – A Three Day Retreat
Santa Cruz, California
Contact: Caryn,


September 15 – Intro evening
September 23-24 -Awake in the Dream workshop
Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii
Contact: Yves & Eunjung,, +1 303 886 2038

September 16-22
Retreat – Emergence of the New Light: Heartful Embodiment
Kauai, Hawaii
Contact: Yves & Eunjung,, +1 303 886 2038

Andean Adventures – Spiritual pilgrimage through Living Andean Energy
October 1-19, 2017
Peru and Bolivia – contact Kiara,

Dolphins in the Red Sea – Swedish group (extra spaces available)
Saturday, November 25 to Saturday, December 2
Sataya Bay, Egypt – contact Kiara,, or Deva,

Egypt Tour – International group
Saturday, December 2 to Saturday, December 9
Upper Nile/Abu Simbel Cruise – contact Pati,

Dolphins in the Red Sea, Egypt – Hummingbird/USA group (extra spaces available)
Saturday, December 9 to Monday, December 16
Sataya Bay, Egypt – contact Sarah, or Kiara,

Quantum Conversations – Free online interviews with Kiara Windrider and others
Register here for this free online webinar series:

Workshop Descriptions

Awake in the Dream

 As we learn to expand our perceptions of reality we begin to realize that outer events and circumstances are simply a reflection of our inner worlds, and that everything out there is simply an aspect of a single universal consciousness unfolding itself through space and time. It is no different from a night dream, where all the characters within the dream are created, scripted and enacted through a single dream awareness.

Once we become aware of this we find within ourselves a power to understand and shape our personal stories, and even the journeys of human and planetary evolution, just like within a lucid dream. The awareness of being awake within the dream is sometimes known as Self realization or enlightenment.

This 3 day intensive offers teachings and practices to pierce through the illusion of separation and to awaken within the dream of existence. This will include Inka practices, Ilahinoor, Shamanic breathwork, and Advaita training, along with Sufi dances. The course will include solo meditations, partner exercises as well as group work.

Heartful Embodiment 

 As we go through the corridor of a planetary rebirth, we are experiencing challenges as well as opportunities like never before. We have incarnated here to initiate a new cycle of life, and to transform this earth into a beautiful paradise. But for this we must discover who we are, and activate the power and beauty of our souls.

This 5 day retreat will focus on teachings and practices for opening our hearts and waking up to our soul’s destiny on earth, including inka healing techniques, shamanic breathwork, lightbody practices such as ilahinoor, and the advaitic teachings of ancient India. We will also be working with tools and techniques for improving physical health and well being.

Beyond specific tools, however, we will strive to open our hearts to a field of light in which we can walk this earth as awakened beings. Our shared intention is to reconnect the streams of energy joining earth and sky, awaken our innermost being, and open our hearts to the possibility of living fearlessly on earth. ‘An entire universe dwells in the space within our hearts’, said the ancient Indian seers. Are we willing to make our home there?

Day 1 –

  • The big picture of planetary evolution
  • Shamanic world view of upper, middle and lower worlds
  • Inka practices for opening doorway between the worlds

Day 2 –

  • Inka practice for transmuting heavy energy into light energy
  • Inka practices for building the tree of life within our subtle energy fields

Day 3 –

  • Ilahinoor practices for healing and for activating the unified chakra
  • Gaianoor for activating DNA of new species of humanity

Day 4 –

  • Enlightenment teachings and practices from Advaita traditions of ancient India
  • Partner exercises to facilitate Self inquiry

Day 5 –

  • Putting it all together
  • Awakening within the Dream

Workshop Leader Information

Kiara Windrider is a licensed psychotherapist, author and spiritual teacher, and has been researching, practicing and teaching various aspects of healing and awakening for the past thirty years. He has a masters degree in transpersonal psychology, and is licensed as a psychotherapist in the state of california. He has engaged in many different spiritual traditions including sufi, buddhist, integral yoga, advaita, and inka shamanism. He is also a student of quantum physics, astrophysics and ancient history, and his deepest passion is to help in the creation of a new earth community as we transition from our current age of chaos into an age of light. Kiara has written five books, including Year Zero: Time of the Great Shift, Ilahinoor: Awakening the Divine Human, Gaia Luminous: Emergence of the New Earth, and Issa: Son of the Sun.